X: Scars are reminders of how strong you are.

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Thursday will be the day I'm supposed to present the song for my Music Class, it's Monday now, however I'm still not so sure about the melody. It doesn't sound right to me, that's why I kept changing and changing the melody. I sighed as I ran a hand through my hair, feeling a bit frustrated. I wrote tons of songs before so why can't I finish this one? Grumbling, I played an unfamiliar tune on my keyboard mindlessly. Things started to go smoothly. I hummed and opened my mouth to sing the lyrics, "No question, you complete me. But two empty halves, make for one empty hole. In the pit of my stomach and in the pit of my soul."

My eyes widened in excitement and quickly wrote down the notes. It's going to be perfect and I can't wait to finish this! I couldn't contain the squeal as I continued to press random keys on my keyboard. I settled my back against the headboard comfortably. The room was fairly quiet excluding the melody my keyboard is playing. Curtains were opened, making a perfect source of lighting.

Lauren isn't supposed to be here yet so I still have plenty of time to finish the song, although I do doubt that I will finish it by today. I reached for an Oreo and ate it. Humming, I wrote down more notes. But then, I stopped playing as I heard heavy footsteps that seemed to head toward Lauren and I's dorm room. I scrunched up my eyebrows in confusion before shrugging.

I was about to continue writing my song but then out of nowhere the footsteps stopped exactly at my room and the door slammed open, making me flinch in shock. My head quickly snapped towards the intruder. I was even more surprised to see a disheveled looking brunette girl, this fueled my confusion even more. I think I remember her from some of my classes. Her name is Jennette from what I remember.

The girl took a deep breath before speaking hurriedly, "Camila, some small brunette girl is looking for you. But then Lauren appeared and she's been shouting at the girl. Your friend is holding her down so you have to come see them!" I quickly snap out of my reverie and sprinted out of my room with the girl leading the way.

Turning around the corner, I saw two figures. I heard their voices loud and clear, that's why I could distinguish that their Lauren and Ariana. Grumbling in annoyance, I quickly ran so that could stand in between them before things could get worse. Lauren kept shouting at the poor girl, "What the fuck are you doing here, Grande?!" She was being held down by girls while some other people held down Ariana who was equally angry.

"What's it to you, Jauregui?! Just let me talk to Camila!" She shouted in equal volume, making me even flinch.

"Why can't you just leave her alone?!" The raven-haired girl struggled against the hold of her friends but they wouldn't budge. The anger surrounding the two was obvious. Anybody could tell that the two girls hate each other's guts. "For God's sake just let me- " Before the fight can get worse, I stood between them and shouted, "What the hell is going on here?!" My voice was unusually loud for a person who's used to being timid.

More people surrounded the area to find out what's happening and that seemed to made me even more annoyed and frustrated. The girls were looking worriedly at us, but I gave them a reassuring smile. They smiled back and ushered the crowd away by telling them to mind their own business.

Lauren was the first to open her mouth, "Ariana wont stop shouting for you. Even when you told her like a hundred times to leave you alone. I got tired of it." I walked by her side and whispered to her, "Although I am grateful, just be more civil next time okay? I can't stand conflict and you of all people know that. I'm sure she doesn't mean harm anymore if she keeps asking for my forgiveness. She's really stubborn."

Lauren sighed and mumbled a quiet agreement. I smiled and gave her hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze. "Camila, give me a chance to talk. You know I mean everything I've been saying now."

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