XIV: Make me forget.

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I was woken up by a pair of lips continuously pecking my forehead. I grumbled loudly and put my hand on the Camila's face. "Stop... It's too early." I whined, turning around on my other side. "How would you know that? Come on, Lo! Wake up already!" Camila rocked my body gently causing me to groan once again. Without saying a word I turned to face Camila with a glare before burying my face in her neck, hearing her chuckle after. "Shh, shut up. Let me stay like this for a few more minutes." I snuggled closer to Camila. "Fine. You're lucky you're cute." The brunette poked my nose causing me to shush her again before staying quiet for good.

I was about to drift to once again when the alarm clock started ringing loudly. Cursing in annoyance, I covered my right ear with one hand while my other hand went to slap the alarm clock off the bedside table. "I forgot just how grumpy you can get in the morning when you don't have enough sleep." Camila laughed teasingly. I bit my lip to prevent a small smile from appearing on my lips when I heard her laugh.

Suddenly, I felt Camila's hands lift my over-sized shirt up a bit to expose the half of my stomach. She started drawing small circles on my stomach making me shiver from her warm touch. My breath hitched when a finger brushed against sensitive navel. "Camila," I warned with a quiet growl and gripped her wrist gently to prevent her movements. The singer chuckled softly, "What's wrong Lo?" She looked at me with seemingly innocent eyes.

You're far from innocent, you little temping she-devil.

I didn't answer her but instead made her wrap her arm around my waist so she wouldn't be able to move her arm. "We need to get up." Camila tugged on my shirt again. "I'll be up in a second baby." I rasped, shielding my eyes from the light going through the blinds. "Okay, I'll go inside the bathroom to wash up first, okay?" Camila whispered to sweetly as she planted a kiss on my forehead. I just nodded in response. The girl smiled first before stumbling inside the bathroom. My green eyes followed her movement and looked up once she has gone inside.

Soon I heard the ruffling of clothes hitting the ground and the water running as they hit the bathroom pavement. After several minutes of laying down, I decided to cook breakfast for the two of us. I stood up from the bed lazily and walked to the little kitchen we had in the dorm. I grabbed a pan from the cabinets and went to grab some bacon in the fridge. I started frying the bacon before I left it alone for a few minutes to start making coffee for Camila and I.

After I was done cooking I grabbed the plates and went to our room, placing it on the small table at the center of the room. Sipping on my steaming hot coffee, I sat down on the ground and looked around the room to see Camila already sitting on her own study table with a stack of books beside her. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and stood up but not before taking another sip from my coffee and putting it down. "Camila, you wont be able to think straight when you're doing the test if you don't eat breakfast." I reprimanded.

"Later, " Camila answered distractedly, too caught up in the textbook she was reading. I frowned in concern before wrapping my arms around her and resting my chin on her head. The girl under me sighed and rubbed her temples. She's been studying for her test since the other day and just yesterday. She studied last night until she fell asleep. I've been starting to worry if she's actually getting enough sleep. I know her classes have been stressing her out more than lately. I can't stand seeing her helpless.

"Camila," I addressed her to divert her attention from the textbook she was reading. Camila hummed, saying that she was listening. "You've been studying since yesterday and the other day. I'm worried if you're actually sleeping at all. It's not healthy for you." I voiced out my concerns to her. I heard her say, "I'm sorry I worried you. It's just that, I barely passed the test from the last semester and I don't want that to happen again."

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