XIII: Date at The 1975 concert

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Oh my gosh it's finally today! The 1975 concert is tonight. Camila and I could not wait to go to the concert since last week! We literally can't initiate a conversation with the girls without mentioning The 1975 once. We have never seen The 1975 before that's why we're so excited! But still, I'm pretty sure I'd still be thrilled to see them live even if I already seen them five times before.

I look over to my right where Camila sat with my arms around her shoulder, talking to Normani, Ally and Dinah. I smiled absentmindedly at the sight and without thinking about it, I casually leaned in to kiss her head. She giggled when she felt my lips linger on her head. The other girls who witnessed our interaction with a happy expression on their faces. "Dang Lauren, you got game." Dinah teased taking Camila's milkshake and drank it. Camila grumbled, annoyed at the Polynesian.

"I mean, what can I say. I'm a natural." I winked jokingly, earning laughs from the three girls who sat in front of us. "You're so cocky." Camila laughed and leaned into my embrace. I shrugged my shoulders with a smile. "She's like the biggest puppy though." Normani pointed out while taking a bite of her chicken wings. She is literally eating chicken wings for breakfast right now. "Trust me. I know that's she's the biggest puppy ever." Camila poked my side, making me flinch with a pout. "I can't deny it." I stated.

"You guys aren't even together yet you guys act like a couple that has been together for 10 years." I bite my lip, hearing Dinah's thoughts. Dinah must have forgotten for a moment that we were together back in high school when I saw her eyes flash with guilt and sadness. I guess our feelings never left. I'm certain my feelings never faded away but with the way that Camila is looking at me right now with so much love and adoration in her eyes, I feel like she feels the same way.

I smiled and looked down for a bit before I turned my head to the side, still in thought.

"So are you guys ready for tonight? You both can't stop talking about them this whole time and I'm already considering surgically removing my ears because all you guys ever talk about is Matty Healy did that and stuff." Ally joked. The other girls nodded in agreement while groaning, "Seriously, I hung up on Camila last night when she mentioned the concert." Dinah seconded with a hand raised. The said girl rolled her eyes at her friend's exaggerations.

"Well I'm sorry but did I not just gave a Justin Timberlake vinyl last month. I can still take it back whenever I want." Camila quirked a brow sassily with a smirk. Ally gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, "You wouldn't dare!" The tiny girl glared Camila with a mortified look on her face. "Try me Allyson." The singer dared Ally with a challenging smirk. "I'll let you talk about The 1975 until my ears fall off just don't take away my precious little Justin!" Ally playfully pleaded.

"Okay, okay." Camila giggled at Ally's love for Justin Timberlake. 

Normani, Dinah and I watched the two argue back and forth with an entertained look in our faces. "I guess we are all obsessed with at least one artist." Normani chuckled, referring to her and Dinah's love for Beyonce. "Everybody loves Queen Bey!" Dinah exclaimed loudly, earning looks from the other people in the diner. The Polynesian shyly lowered herself in her seat when she accidentally shouted.

"Anyway, we both can't wait for the concert. So what if we're annoying." I waved them off and admitted as I gestured towards myself and Camila with a proud look. "You and Dinah always talk about Beyonce and you don't see us complaining now do you?" I sassed the both of them. "Come one! She's Queen Bey!" Normani countered, raising both of her hands in defense. "It's a daily routine. You guys can't start complaining now." Dinah seconded with a small nod.

"Oh my God, I remember that one time Beyonce breathed in my face. I was about to faint!" I impersonated Normani talking about Beyonce, earning a small laugh from the girl beside me.  The older girl looked at me in disbelief before smacking my arm harshly. I just kept laughing at her offended expression. "But yeah, the concert is going to be so fucking insane." I breathed out in excitement. Camila mirrored my expression, both feeling so pumped for tonight.

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