XVI: They stand side by side.

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"Why isn't Camila with us, Lauser?" Dinah asked, confused by the fact that I didn't invite Camila with us. Ally and Normani questioned me too on why Camila wasn't here considering she's my girlfriend. I just sat there awkwardly, trying to think of a way to tell them properly as they bombard me with questions. The four of us sat around in Normani's room, conversing as we sat on the carpeted floor. "Are we having another movie night or something? It's literally about to be 1:00 AM right now." Ally questioned after she got us drinks from Normani's mini fridge.

"Not exactly..." I breathed out nervously and wiped my sweaty hands on my sweatpants. "Camila is asleep right now and I thought this would be the right moment to tell you guys something." I told them. The girls stayed quiet for a few seconds before Dinah spoke, "Are you surprising Camila or something?" I quickly shook my head, "Well, she'd be surprised but I don't think that the 'surprise' is actually going to be good."

"I swear to God if you cheated on her I will-" The Polynesian hissed angrily as Ally and Normani calmed her down. "Calm down, Dinah. Let the girl explain." Normani calmed her down, running her hand on Dinah's back. Ally nodded and smiled for me to continue before adding, "Besides, I'm positive that Lauren wont ever cheat on Camila." I turned to Ally and gave her an appreciative smile. "I wouldn't ever cheat on Camz, Dinah." I reassured her. The girl just sighed in relief.

"You know you can tell us anything, right?" Dinah tried coaxing me to tell her. I bit my and nodded timidly, "I know," I sighed, running a hand through my hair. "We're here for you, Lauren. We're here for you." The oldest girl smiled and scooted closer to me before giving me a side hug. I quietly laughed, leaning my head on Ally's head. "Ally and Dinah are right. You're my best friend even though I'm a little hurt you didn't talk to me beforehand." Normani laughed and concurred as she gave my hand a small squeeze. I smiled in appreciation before taking a deep breath. The girls looked at me with anticipation.

"I need you guys to bail me out if the cops get me." Closing my eyes tightly, I waited for their reaction. The next thing I hear is Normani screaming, "Dinah! Why did you spit water on me?!" The Texan screeched as she wiped her face. Ally gasped and raised her hand up to her mouth. "What the hell?!" Dinah choked out as she coughed. I smiled sheepishly, shifting in my position timidly. "Okay, what the hell are you on about Lauren? I swear to God if you do something stupid again..." My best friend began. "I'm not going to do anything stupid, Mani!" I reassured her. The girls breathed out in relief.

"I'm just going to make sure that Ariana gets what she deserves." I smirked. They looked at me in confusion, unaware about the situation. "I'm going to explain it to you guys." I added. "Girl you better. We're hella confused right now." The youngest blurted out. I rolled my eyes before speaking, "I met up with Austin yesterday." I confessed, making Ally, Dinah and Normani gaze at each other warily. "I promise he didn't do anything bad!" I said to them as I held my hand out in defense.

"He's actually going to help me with my plan." I murmured. I heard Dinah scoff, "Him? The same guy that tried to take advantage of my best friend? God, I don't think I'll be able to stop myself if I see his face again." Camila's best friend seethed in anger. "I wont let him go near Camz. I just talked to him and it turns out that him and Ariana used to be friends back in high school." Ally gazed into my eyes, her eyes held doubt in them, "Are you sure about this Lauren? Can he even be trusted?"

I looked down at my lap as I fiddled with my fingers. "I don't know but he told me something that has been bugging me for years." Frustrated, I gripped my hands together tightly. I looked up, my eyes beginning to slightly tear up but I held a strong face. "Ariana killed my mother." I quietly confessed, causing the girls to gasp in shock. "Ariana? The girl that Camila has been hanging out with lately?" Normani asked, eyes wide in surprise.

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