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I woke up with the sunlight hitting my face and a body laying on top of me. Groaning, I moved my hair out of my face and rubbed my tired eyes. I was sleeping in an uncomfortably position with my back against the armrest. The smaller body on top of me started grumbling. I had to force myself to stand up because the opened curtains were really bothering me. But when I was just about to remove Camila's body from mine, she started groaning and peered up at me with a confused expression on her face.

When she tried to move, her face contorted into a grimace. All of a sudden, the sunlight didn't bother me much anymore. I sighed and massaged her head for her. This resulted in a sigh and a moan afterwards. She sighed, burrowing her face into the crook of my neck. And as I felt her hot breath against the side of my neck, Camila said, "My head feels like it's been hit by a hammer and then got ran over by a truck."

I scoffed, rolling my eyes at her exaggeration, "You're not the only one who's hangover you know." I kept my hand on her waist before she raised her head and pecked my forehead several times. I watched in amusement as she attacked my face with affection, "I'm sorry. Is that better now?" I smiled absentmindedly, "Much, much better." I sighed and closed my eyes.

We both lay down on the couch in a still quite uncomfortable position for a few minutes before she let out another annoyed groan. "Seriously though, my headache is killing me right now." I pursed my lips and picked up Camila to lay her down on the couch comfortably. I've gotten used to hangovers and they don't bother me much anymore but Camila rarely drinks. I walked towards the kitchen and spotted a glass of water and ibuprofen on the counter. I mentally thanked whoever was kind enough to do this.

I noticed there was a note beside it so I picked it up in my hands and read it.

Heyo! You guys are probably hammered right now and you might need this. If you don't remember what happened last night, you were both completely wasted and I had to drive you guys all the way here. Ally's probably gonna get a killer hangover too and it might have been partially my fault. But anyways, when you get your asses ready, be sure to repay me cause none of this service is free.


Beyonce (A.K.A. Dinah)

P.S. I totally don't have pictures that can serve as blackmail in my phone by the way.

I stared blankly at the note for a moment before throwing it to the nearby trashcan. It's too early for this shit. I take the glass of water in my hands and popped the ibuprofen in my mouth. I refilled the glass and walked back towards the living room with the medicine and water in my hands. When I saw Camila, she was laying comfortably on the couch with one hand hanging by the side of the couch and one hand covering her eyes.

I giggled underneath my breath, nudging her with my knee. Camila groaned, peeking from her hand. "I regret drinking that much alcohol." She said and hoisted herself up to an upright position. I smirked, sitting down on the couch beside her. I handed her the glass of water and ibuprofen. I watched as she swallowed the ibuprofen and finished the glass of water.

I took it from her hands and put them down on the coffee table.

Camila then cuddled up to me, resting her head against my chest and closing her eyes. She began humming the familiar tune of 'Somewhere Only We Know' and I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from smiling like an idiot. I ran my hand up and down her arm in a relaxing way. After a few minutes, wriggled out of my tight hold and stood up grumpily.

"I'm just going to take a short shower 'cause I feel really icky right now." Scrunching up her nose adorably, she smiled. I pecked her lips before letting her go inside the bathroom. "Okay, I'm just going to give Dinah a call." I said and she nodded her head, discarding her clothes on the way in. I grabbed my phone on the coffee table and dialed Dinah's number. After a few seconds, she answered and all I heard was a loud groan. "Allycat, you really shouldn't drank that much." The Polynesian's loud voice said through the phone, making me lift my eyebrows in amusement when I heard a loud slap afterwards. "You made me drink all of that because of a stupid bet, Dinah."

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