XI: Alcohol is your friend this time.

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"Come on Camila! Just this once. This one senior is having a college party and basically invited everybody! It's going to be fun!" Dinah tugged on my arms with a pout. I just rolled my eyes playfully as she wont stop pulling my arms. "Even Ally's coming!" She whined. I groaned feeling annoyed "Then just go without me. You know parties aren't my thing." I'm never one to go to parties because I'm just plain awkward. "You've been a college student for at least 10 months now and you haven't went to one party yet."

"That's because I hate parties. I can't stand staying in a crowded place full off smelly and sweaty college students that are probably only there to get laid." I pulled my arms to make her let go before sitting on my bed, crossing my arms in annoyance. Dinah sent me a sympathetic smile to which I replied with a sarcastic tight-lipped smile. "I know it's not your thing but you need to loosen up a little. You're not going to have this much freedom forever!"

I groaned knowing that she's probably right. I mean, she does have a fair point. Like I mean, why do I even bother saying that I shouldn't take things for granted when I always bury myself in work and assignments. I rarely go out because of college and I never have fun nowadays. I'm not the kind of person to really follow the trends.

If my friends are having fun then maybe I can have fun too. It's only one party right? What's the worse that could happen? Besides, Lauren's coming too so maybe we can keep each other company.

I stomped my feet in defeat as I gave up, thanks to her persistent personality. "Alright, alright Dinah!" The Polynesian squealed and enveloped me in a tight hug making it so hard for me to breath that I had to push her away. Dinah looked at me like I just kicked a puppy so I hesitantly hugged her again causing her to grin widely. Even if Dinah has a kind of tough exterior that makes her look intimidating, well... only to the people that doesn't know her. She's actually a cute puppy and is the sweetest person ever.

"Okay, enough hugging. My lungs are being deprived of oxygen right now and I can't breath." My voice was an octave higher because of Dinah basically putting all of her weight on me. She mumbled a quick 'sorry' before letting me go. I just laughed. Straightening my shirt out, I smiled at the Polynesian. I always appreciate her affectionate gestures. I just think that it's so Dinah-like thing for her to do. I'm never surprised anymore whenever she call me to go to her room so we can watch Titanic together and cry together.

The Polynesian always asks me first if I wanted to join them whenever she's going somewhere. She never wants me to feel left out and I appreciate that so much. Even if those four idiots are annoying most of the time, I'll never trade them for the world because when together, we're the five idiots.

"Well now that you're going, the squad is now complete!" Dinah hollered making me laugh. I also shouted a loud 'whoo' that echoed in my the room loudly that made the both of us laugh. We rested our head against each other's while laughing before we got interrupted by the door opening. After composing ourselves, Dinah and I looked to check who is was only to see the other three girls looking at us with questioning, confused smiles on their faces.

"I mean I knew the two of you are crazy but I didn't you two were that crazy to plot your plans to kill us." Normani joked with a teasing smile as she came inside with Lauren and Ally. I gasped in mock hurt, "That was one time!" I teased looking at her with a glare. "And we wont do such thing! I thought you trusted us Manibear." Dinah rested her hand against her chest, faking a hurt expression.

"Whatever, dorks." Normani dismissed as she waved her hand back and forth. The green-eyed beauty beside her looked at us with an amused smile before turning to Ally, "How do you handle this two together? I certainly don't know how I handled Camz back then." Ally shook her head playfully, "I don't even know myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only sane one." Lauren and Normani laughed at the girls response while Dinah and I jokingly glared at the tiny girl.

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