XXIV: Compromising and Moving In

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I hummed quietly to myself as I made Lauren and I two cups of coffee. Lauren was sitting on the bed with her laptop on her lap, browsing for the perfect apartment for the two of us. Things has been a lot less hectic this past few days, thankfully. Although, I still got the record deal in my mind and I'm not changing my decision anytime soon. The both of us are already excited to move in together, and that's the only thing I care about right now. I sighed happily, moving to sit beside Lauren with two cups of coffee in my hands.

The girl smiled gratefully and took her cup from my hand before leaning in to sloppily kiss my cheeks. I made a playful disgusted noise as I wiped off her saliva from my cheek. "That was gross..." Groaning, I let my head fall on her shoulder, my eyes immediately training on the screen in front of us. "You love me." She whispered. Lauren grinned and kissed the top of my head. "Tell me something I don't know." I rolled my eyes.

She adorably scrunched up her nose and took a sip from her cup.

We sat in silence for a few seconds before Lauren said, "So, I just bookmarked a few apartments here in New York City that I thought would be perfect for us, but it's not going to be perfect without your opinion so here is the first one that I picked." My girlfriend rambled excitedly, making me giggle in amusement. "What do you think?" She turned to me, waiting to hear my opinion with sparks in her eyes. She looked so giddy and excited waiting for me to say something.

Smiling in amusement, I browsed the apartment. "Don't you think that it's a bit too big for just the two of us?" Lauren tilted her head to the side, letting her hair cascade. "But it's not just the two of us." The girl said with a small smile. I blinked in confusion. "Huh? Is somebody else moving in with us? But I thought-" Lauren cut me off, "Of course, someday we're going to adopt  cute little huskies together so I picked an apartment that going to fit the six of us- I meant the three of us."

I sighed, not wanting to pop her little bubble. "Lauren... We can't afford to rent that apartment every month. We would need to work extra shifts which would mean we would barely have the time to spend together, and we still have college." I tried to explain to her, which only made her pout in annoyance. "Fine..." She grumbled stubbornly, switching to a different apartment. I pecked her lips and then continued to listen to her rambling.

"We should just pick a simple apartment that we can afford, we do have quite the amount of money in our bank account." Lauren noted, letting me snuggle on her shoulder. "Mhmm..." I mumbled in her shoulder. "You've been a little tense lately," I husked out, encircling my arms around her waist. I heard her breath hitch when I began kissing her neck. She was gripping her laptop tightly, trying to focus.

"How about," I whispered seductively, taking her laptop out of her hand and moving it aside, instead opting to settle myself on her thighs. "You relax a little." I look her in the eye just to notice that her usually vibrant green eyes were now darker. Smirking, she quickly moved up to take my lips between hers, making me moan quietly.

We broke apart and she whispered something before connecting our lips once again in a rough kiss. I giggle, leaning my forehead against hers. I examined her gorgeous face, taking in her beauty. Her enviable vibrant, emerald eyes that leaves you mesmerized, those cute little freckles across the bridge of her nose. Biting my lip, we both smashed our lips for a searing kiss once again."That sounds perfect, love."


"Gosh, I can't believe that you guys are already moving in together." Dinah said. Lauren and I smiled at each other before shrugging, "What's the difference? They literally live together already so I don't see what's the problem." Normani said as she laid on her stomach with the laptop in front of her. "Aren't you guys moving a little too fast?" The Polynesian said, making the four of us stare at her incredulously.

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