Chapter 1

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That's all I know now.

I, Spencer O'Connor, have been kicked out of my pack. I was bullied since I was 13 and didn't shift.

When it was my birthday, I was so excited to shift. My mom and dad were excited for me too. They are betas so they expected me to shift and take over the role as beta next.

I was always quiet, scared of other people that weren't my family. You don't know who a person is, how can you trust them? This caused me to be almost mute, only talking when I felt safe, which was almost never.

When I didn't shift, my family started ignoring me, and the rest of the pack mistreated me. Beat me, hurt me, made me scream in pain. Finally came my 17th birthday, and I unexpectedly shifted. My parents finally gave me their attention, but it all changed when my shift was finished.

I was an omega. Nothing better than the dirt on their shoes. My pack kicked me out, I was old enough where they could kick me out without feeling bad about it.

Now I'm running.

I heard there is a ruthless royal pack nearby me, here in North Carolina. They were our neighbors but we had an alliance. Now that I'm not a part of a pack, I'm free game. Anyone can kill me.

I'm running from my pack. They are chasing me out, making sure I don't sneak back onto their lands.

When I've passed the pack boundary, they run off, leaving me alone.

I keep running, wanting to run from my past as fast as I can. My family is no longer my family. They supported the Alpha when he kicked me out.

I feel my pack link sever, and I feel empty. I'm no longer in a pack, I smell like a rogue.

I run for days, pausing only to try to hunt and get water. I'm following a stream that I can tell leads to a large lake. The smell of a large body of water is up ahead, and I decide that would be a good place to rest.

I see a beautiful clearing with mountains behind the lake. The sun is setting, and it's the most beautiful view I've ever seen.

I lay down and just watch, admiring the view. The pinks and oranges soon fade to pinks and purples. I see the stars start to show up, making the view even more beautiful.

This is the only time I've felt peace since running away.

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