Chapter 2

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Aiden's POV

I'm the soon to be Alpha of the Royal Eclipse Pack. It used to be the Royal Moon Pack and the Eclipse Pack, but they were merged together by my parents, Jaxson and Lilly. Speaking of my parents, they called me into their office.

I'm almost 18, so that means I will be getting the pack soon. They have me doing all types of jobs that they do as Alphas, getting me used to the requirements of the job.

That's exactly what they are about to have me do. I knock on their office door, and I hear a faint, "Come in," from my mom.

I walk in, a serious business face on. To be Alpha is to have responsibility, so I need to show that I'm ready.

"Hi Aiden, we've called you here to have you check on a rogue that has crossed onto our territory. They are at the old clearing that the family goes to. I need you to bring them in and see if they are a threat. Because you are soon to be Alpha, I am bestowing this responsibility onto you," my dad says formally, keeping up his Alpha appearance.

"Okay, I'll go check it out now. Thank you, Alpha," I say, smirking when I say 'Alpha.' I've never had to be formal with my parents, seeing as they are both Alphas. I've always just called them mom and dad, not seeing a point for the formalities.

Dad just looks at me with a playful glare, before going back to helping mom with work. They have been swamped with running two joined packs for the last years, but they manage.

I head down the familiar path to the clearing, having gone here many times as a family. It's our spot, where my family goes all the time.

I have a pair of shorts in hand, knowing that the rogue will need to shift back. I don't want them to feel uncomfortable in their human form.

Reaching the clearing, I see the rogue that my parents were talking about. It was just laying in the middle of the clearing, watching the view. It doesn't seem to be feral, so I slowly approach.

I take in the scent, and smell that it is freshly rogue. I also smell the most amazing scent ever. Chocolate and the forest. I may have just found my mate. The rogues fur is a white blonde, which is absolutely stunning.

I purposely step on a twig so the rogue hears me. The rogue turns, and our eyes lock. For a second, the world stops. The only thing that matters is them. We stare at each other, dazed, before the rogue realizes what it's doing. He quickly scrambles to stand up and cowers away.

His stature shows that he is male and an omega.

I walked here in my human form, so I put my hands up in a surrendering manner. Showing that I mean no harm, I slowly walk closer.

The rogue flinches but stands its ground. He shows no signs of being aggressive, his instincts not showing through. Normally even nice rogues growl to tell people to back off.

"Can you shift back?" I ask politely, knowing that he isn't feral.

The rogue, my mate, tilts his head questioningly. Maybe he doesn't know how to shift back? That must mean that he is 13 and this is his first shift!

I explain, "To shift back, imagine your human form. The dirt underneath your feet, the air going into your lungs. The wind blowing through your hair."

He nods, and I see his bones start to break. Soon he is kneeling in his human form, naked. I don't let my eyes wander and continue staring my mate in the eyes.

"What's your name?" I ask, wanting to know about my mate and why he is a rogue.

My mate just shakes his head, refusing to talk. Although I get a little mad at this, I understand. It is a scary situation with someone he doesn't know. Stranger danger.

His hair is the same white blonde as his wolf, and his eyes are a beautiful blue. His nose and cheeks are dusted with freckles, looking so soft.

He is still kneeling so I walk up to him and offer him a hand, "Let's get back to the pack house and get to know each other."

I also hand him a pair of shorts to put on, knowing he would be more comfortable with clothes.

He looks at least 17 years old, so I know he feels the mate bond. He looks at my hand and then back at my eyes. He hesitantly lifts his hand to mine but pulls his hand back when he feels the sparks. He looks at my hand in wonder, curious as to why the sparks occurred.

I smirk slightly, "That's the mate bond, little mate." He's small for his age, probably about 5'0. I know that is my moms nickname from my dad, but it just seems right.

He looks up at me with confusion. He must not know much about the mate bond.

He reaches up and grabs my hand softly and I just enjoy the sparks. He is soon lifted onto his feet and I lead him back to the pack house, after he puts on the shorts.

I hope this goes well.

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