Chapter 19

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Spencer's POV

I'm surrounded by blackness, not a speck of light. Everything is so dark, I can't see my hand in front of my face. I look around in wonder, surprised I'm here. Other times when I black out, it's like I'm asleep, I don't go to this place.

Suddenly, I see a light appear. It comes closer, and soon I can make out a shape. There is a woman, white hair and freckles like the moon. She has an air of confidence and power, but also safety and warmth.

She arrives in front of me, and I do the one thing I always do when someone has more power than me. I bow.

"No need for that, my child," the beautiful woman says, a smile adorning her features.

I stand up straight and look up at her curiously, wondering why she is appearing in my dream.

"I can assure you this is real, Spencer. I'm the Moon Goddess, Selene. I'm the mother of all werewolves," Selene says, my mind being blown.

I'm in front of the Moon Goddess right now! This is crazy, I can feel my heart beat speed up.

"No need to be nervous, I come in peace. I came to let you know of a decision I have made," Selene informs me, giving me a gentle smile.

I nod along, waiting for her to continue.

"I gave a male the power of life seventeen years ago. His name is Miles Reed. I have watched his child grow and prosper, and I have decided all male werewolves should be bestowed with the power of life."

Feeling safe in the presence of this woman, I ask, "Power to have children?"

Selene nods, proud of my understanding. "Yes, my child. This means that you need to prepare the packs for this new development. It may come as a shock, but I feel everyone will be happy."

I look at her, a confused look on my face. "Why me? I'm nothing special."

"Yes you are my child, don't speak of yourself like that. You are very special, all my children are. You, an omega, are almost as strong as a Royal Wolf, who I have blessed. You will soon be blessed by me also, you will grow even stronger. Be prepared, hardships will occur, but you will get to the other side," Selene explains, making me feel better about myself. The Moon Goddess thinks I'm special?

"I must be going, but remember everything I said. Goodbye, my child."

And with that, Selene leaves me, alone, in the dark.

Soon the darkness is fading, I must be waking up.

I see the light behind my eyelids, knowing I'm about to wake up. I try to move to sit up, but I'm unable to do so. Trying to start small, I try to move my hand. I feel it twitch, and hand loosely holding mine. I twitch it again, and this time, the person holding my hand wakes up.

"Spencer? Please wake up for me, my love."

I hear Aiden's words, and my heart soars. He's here with me.

My eyes flutter open, and I quickly look to Aiden, wanting to see his face. He looks exhausted, hair standing up everywhere, eyes tired. I tighten my hold on his hand, reassuring him that I'm here.

He smiles at me, reaching over to hug me. I hug him back, but notice a cast on my wrist.

I look at it curiously, wondering what happened to cause all this. Suddenly all my memories come back, Maya and Mark, the beating I took. The pain I felt.

I look to Aiden, and he gives me a sad smile. "You were beaten pretty bad. You have a serious concussion, and a few broken bones. You're ribs and wrist have already healed, Doctor Lana just needs to take the cast off."

"How have they already healed? How long was I out?" I ask, beyond confused.

Aiden doesn't look me in the eyes as he says, "You've been out for a month."

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