Chapter 22

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Spencer's POV

Waking up, I feel a warm, hard chest underneath me. I cuddle closer to it, enjoying the warmth it provides me. After enjoying the warmth for a little bit, I look up and my eyes meet Aiden's.

His green eyes are so beautiful, a forest green that goes well with his fresh woodsy scent.

I realize I'm staring, so I quickly put my head back into his chest. I feel him chuckle, the vibrating of his chest feeling amazing.

I look up again and notice he is still staring. "You are so handsome, my love," Aiden whispers into my hair. I blush a deep red, and mutter a quiet 'thanks.'

He chuckles again, and lifts my face to meet his. He looks at my blushing face with a smirk, probably proud he can make me blush.

Aiden leans down and gives me a quick kiss before getting up and getting ready in the bathroom.

I feel lonely with the loss of contact, but knowing he'll be out soon, my mood increases.

Once I hear the toilet flush, I go in to brush my teeth. We brush our teeth beside each other, making silly faces in the mirror. I laugh at the face he makes, and toothpaste goes flying onto the mirror.

I look down embarrassed while Aiden laughs non-stop. I feel tears well up in my eyes, so mortified that I did that.

Noticing that I'm not laughing, Aiden quickly finishes brushing his teeth while I do the same. When we are done, he turns and looks me in the eye. "I wasn't laughing at you. I laughing because you were so cute when the toothpaste went on the mirror. Don't worry, it's easy to clean up."

As he says this, he easily wipes the toothpaste away with a towel. "See, easy."

I nod my head, glad he didn't make a big deal out of it.

We walk back into the bedroom, and Aiden says, "I could feel your emotions. Your embarrassment and sadness. It made me feel awful. I'm sorry for laughing."

I shake my head, him having no reason to apologize. "It's fine, I just overreacted."

"No you didn't. I care about your feelings, they are important. Never feel bad for feeling," Aiden reassures.

I smile at him, us just staring at each other. "I'm still tired..." I mutter quietly, kind of nervous about how he's going to respond.

"Okay, how about we lay down and enjoy each other's company?" Aiden suggests, moving to lay down. I just nod and move with him, me cuddling into his chest again.

As I lay there, Aiden starts running his hands through my hair. I moan at the feeling, his hands feeling wonderful.

"Don't give me any ideas, my love. Your moaning turns me on," Aiden groans out, sounding like he is holding back.

I blush again, seemingly doing this often. I didn't mean to turn him on!

After apologizing, he continues to rub his hands through my hair, me holding back my moans.

With his hands in my hair and my head on his chest, I fall back to sleep.

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