Chapter 11

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Spencer's POV

It's a new day, and it's time for a family breakfast. Getting out of bed is no easy feat, Aiden's arm around my waist making it difficult to get up. Aiden grunts at my movements and pulls me closer, giving me a quick kiss on the forehead. I blush and stop moving, in shock that he showed so much affection.

Aiden hasn't shown much affection, probably taking this relationship slowly, for me. I feel bad for making him wait but I'm just not ready to go farther.

Finally able to maneuver my way out of Aiden's grasp, I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I look into the mirror and see my white blonde hair hanging slightly over my eyes, needing a haircut. My freckles are dusted over my nose and cheeks, my pale skin making them stand out.

Aiden soon joins me in the bathroom, also brushing his teeth. He also stares at himself, probably thinking about how hot he is.

His green eyes are striking, his tan skin complementing them. His medium brown hair a perfect mix between his parents'.

We walk out of the bathroom and head to the large kitchen, the rest of Aiden's family already there.

I sit in my usual seat as Aiden insists on getting my plate for me. He comes back with waffles and bacon, looking so delicious.

Lilly is the first to talk, "Yesterday was fun, except when that girl ruined it. Do you like all your clothes?"

I nod, thankful that they bought me clothes. I haven't had a new change of clothes since I was thirteen. Feeling safe with Aiden's family, I mutter a quiet, "Thank you."

Everyone turns to me with shock written on their faces. Lilly beams at me while Jaxson and Nadia have their jaws dropped.

Nadia asks, "You spoke?" I just nod, not feeling like talking anymore after their reaction. An uncomfortable silence falls upon us.

Jaxson is the one who breaks the silence, "I'm proud that you chose to speak. We hope you feel comfortable enough to do it more often."

I nod, glad that they aren't expecting me to keep speaking all the time.

We finish our breakfast and head back to our bedroom, planning to just relax for the day.

When we get in there, I notice that Aiden seems tense. I write down on my notepad, "Are you okay?"

Aiden nods, but still seems lost in thought. He leads me to sit down on the bed and sits down as well.

He blurts out this question, which surprises me and makes me nervous, "Did you go to school?"

I write timidly, not proud of this fact, "I used to, they pulled me out when I didn't shift."

Aiden nods, seemingly expecting the worst. He prepares me for his next sentence by grabbing my hand and squeezing it lightly.

"You have to go back to school."

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