Chapter 16

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Spencer's POV

We are running through the forest, side by side. Aiden is keeping his speed down so I can stay close to him. In our wolf forms, I look over to Aiden's and admire his wolf. He's a dark black, but has silver streaks running through his fur.

After running for miles, we soon find our way to the clearing. We lap up some of the lake water, the liquid very refreshing after a long run.

Aiden and I lie down beside each other, appreciating the view. The mountain sitting behind the lake, water rushing into the large body of water. It's all so beautiful.

Aiden scoots closer to me, and licks my cheek. I side eye him, and notice his wolfy smirk. He's proud of himself.

He continues to lick my face, and when he gets to my ears, I let out a quiet purr. What? It feels good.

Aiden lets out a wolfy chuckle, sounding like a huff. I soon let out my own, us both huffing into the air. I snuggle close to Aiden, and give him the same treatment he did me.

I lick his neck, Aiden moving his head so I have more access. Moving onto his face, I continue my assault. I lick his snout and Aiden sneezes.

This gets a chuckle out of me, and I stand up. Aiden stands up too, wondering what I am doing. I nod my head towards the forest and start revving my feet. Aiden looks at me with amusement before revving up too.

We must look insane, two wolves revving up to run.

I burst into a sprint, weaving through the tall trees. Aiden is right beside me, gaining speed. I push myself to my limits, trying to outrun Aiden. I want to prove that I am strong, even though I'm an omega.

We reach the backyard of the pack house, and shift back to change into our clothes. Walking out from the tree I changed behind, I sprint into Aiden's open arms.

"I'm proud of you, you know," Aiden says vaguely.

"Why? I didn't do anything," I point out, trying to prove that I'm nothing to be proud of.

"You almost beat me, a Royal Wolf. That takes skill. You are stronger than you think you are," he lovingly says. His eyes are locked onto mine, us lost in each other's gaze.

We are snapped out of our staring when we hear kids laughing and playing.

Approaching the edge of the yard, we look and see the pack children all playing a game of soccer. Aiden turns to me with a smirk, "Wanna play?"

I look to him, wide eyed. I have no idea how to play! I was never invited to play soccer back at my pack.

"I don't know how..." I say bashfully, looking down to not see his reaction. Aiden grabs my chin and lifts my face up, giving me a peck on the lips.

"I'll teach you. You don't have to worry about anything when I'm with you." I blush a deep red at his words. Why is he so sweet?

I nod and let him drag me along, heading to the kids. "Hey guys! Can we play with you?" Aiden asks the kids with an excited look on his face.

"Yessss!" The kids scream, dragging out the word.

"Okay, go easy on Spencer, he has never played before," Aiden informs, and I continue to blush.

All the kids nod, giving my bright smiles. "Can he be on our team?" One little girl asks sweetly. Aiden smiles at the adorable girl and says, "Of course, let me just explain the rules."

Aiden turns to me and explains how to play. So just get the ball in the other teams goal? Can't be too hard?

I was mistaken. It's very hard. One kid passes me the ball and I run to the other side of the makeshift field. Aiden runs by me quickly and somehow steals the ball, running to our goal and scoring.

This isn't fair! He's so good at everything! Aiden sends me a sly smirk, proud of himself. I roll my eyes. It's on.

I get passed the ball again, and I make a mad dash to the goal. I dodge plenty of little kids and fake out Aiden, leaving him shocked. I do one last kick and the ball goes in!

I made a goal! I hope Aiden's proud of me!

Aiden runs over to me, sweat running down his face and bare chest. He looks so delicious while all sweaty and hot.

He pulls me into a powerful hug, holding me to him tightly. He whispers in my ear, "I'm so proud of you."

He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and we get back to the game.

I love this pack, it feels like a true family.

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