Chapter 6

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Aiden's POV

"I need to talk to you guys, alone, regarding Spencer's old pack," I say, my tone serious.

Seeing movement in the corner of my eye, I turn and see Spencer shaking his head wildly. He doesn't want me to tell them?

"Spence, there needs to be consequences for kicking out a child for no good reason!" I say slightly angry. This is the pack that beat him, that made him scared to talk. They deserve whatever is coming to them.

Spencer is pleading with his eyes, begging me not to talk about it.

"Meet us in our office after breakfast," my dad says sharply.

Spencer has his head down, and I see tears in his eyes. What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?

"What's wrong, little mate? Did I upset you?" I ask sadly, hoping I didn't make him sad.

He shakes his head no and pulls out the pen and writes on the notepad, "I don't want them to get into trouble."

I look at him with disbelief clearly written on my face. "Why? They mistreated you, hurt you. They don't deserve your protection," I say quietly, not wanting my eavesdropping parents to hear.

"Fine, as long as I can talk to them with you," he writes, leaving no room for discussion. I just nod, not wanting to argue.

We finish up our breakfast, and my mom and dad lead us to their office. I hold onto Spencer's hand, squeezing it to reassure him that I'm here.

Walking into the office, Spencer and I take a seat in the chairs in front of the desk. Still holding his hand, I look to Spencer to see him lost in thought. His mind seems to be moving a mile a minute, him completely zoned out. I squeeze his hand again, and his face turns towards me.

I give him a reassuring smile, and he returns it back to me. He looks into my eyes, his blue ones full of an indiscernible emotion.

Dad clears his throat and grows serious. He looks to me for an explanation, and I give it, "Spencer's pack, the Red Claw Pack, kicked him out for being an omega who shifted late, and they mistreated him while he was unshifted. I want to break off the alliance we have and punish them accordingly."

He nods, understanding why this is a pressing issue. The future Luna was mistreated by his past pack who we have an alliance with.

"I will contact them right away, and confirm the story. I've seen Spencer's bruises, so there is evidence. Since we are the royal pack, we have the right to punish them for their crimes. We will decide the punishment at a later date," my dad informs calmly and smoothly. I nod as Spencer starts writing down on his notepad quickly.

He passes the notepad to my dad, and he reads it out loud, "'Please don't hurt them'.... The people who are responsible need to be held accountable. They can't continue to do this to children."

Spencer nods and takes the notepad back, staying quiet, not writing anything else.

"You are dismissed," my mom says, smiling lightly at Spencer, trying to comfort him. Spencer smiles back, and practically drags me out of the room. He leads me back to my room, sitting on the bed, still holding my hand.

He looks me in my eyes, and leans in for a hug. He hugs me and holds me tight, putting his face into my shoulder. I feel tears start to hit my shoulder, and hear his sobs.

After holding in his pain for so many years, he finally lets it all out.

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