Chapter 20

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Spencer's POV

A whole month? It's not worse than anything else I've been through, why was I out so long?

All I can ask is, "Why?"

Aiden's shakes his head, and then shrugs. "No one knows why, the doctor thought it must have been something mental going on. What happened while you were out?"

I gasp, realizing what happened. The Moon Goddess spoke to me, and left me a message I need to share.

I asked Aiden to mindlink Alphas Jaxson and Lilly, saying I need to tell them all something.

When Jaxson and Lilly arrive, I dive into my explanation. "The Moon Goddess spoke to me while I was unconscious, saying that the rest of the male werewolves will be gifted with the power of life. This means that males can now have children."

Everyone has a look of shock written on their face as I continue. "She said with the first male she bestowed this gift upon, Miles Reed, it went well and their child is prospering. She wants to give other male couples this chance."

This is the most I've talked in a long time, so I stop it there.

"Wow... we know Alpha Reed, he helped save Lilly back in the day. We soon became best friends. We thought that his mate, Miles, would be the only male to get pregnant," Jaxson explains, a happy look on his face.

Lilly squeals, which she seems to do a lot. "I can't believe my baby will have a child of his own! I was wondering how this was going to work... you two being men and all. I never knew being gay was a thing until Jaxson explained it to me!" Lilly rambles on, and I laugh at her excitement. I wonder what her past was like?

Aiden looks at me with love in his eyes, and gives me a breathtaking smile. I give him one back, excited that I can have my own child.

I realize I left one important detail out, "We need to inform the packs and get them accustomed to the idea."

Jaxson nods, understanding our role in this. We are one of the first to find out, people will be shocked when suddenly they become pregnant.

"I will send out a message to all the packs, informing them of the new information the Moon Goddess has shared," Jaxson says with authority.

Jaxson and Lilly go to stand up, and walk out the door. Lilly is practically jumping with joy, still talking about how excited she is.

Aiden and I are alone now, him still holding my hand. I look into his eyes, and all I see is love and gratefulness. I say sadly, "I would kiss you right now but I haven't brushed my teeth in a month."

He leans in and whispers, "I don't care," before smashing his lips onto mine.

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