Chapter 18

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Aiden's POV

I feel this intense pain in my head, which wakes me up. My wrist is hurting and so are my ribs. This isn't my pain... it must be Spencer's.

Looking over to where Spencer last was, I see he's no longer here. I sprint out of bed and only stop to put on a pair of shorts, not wanting to run around in my boxers.

I mindlink Eden, Cory, and Miller to all come meet me in the back yard.

When I reach the backyard they are all there waiting on me, Miller the only one who seems to be wide awake. What was he doing up this early?

I inform them of the situation, "Spencer is missing and in pain, we need to find him as soon as possible."

They all nod, and start walking into the forest. One of our elderly pack members runs up to me and asks, "Are you looking for the future Luna? I saw him go on a walk into the woods early this morning."

I say a quick 'thank you' and run into the woods. I catch Spencer's scent quickly because he is my mate, sprinting to follow it. I catch up to the others, who caught the scent farther into the woods, and I run ahead to find him.

Seeing a body on the ground, knowing it's Spencer's, I feel tears prickle in my eyes. I wish I was there for him, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Leaning down beside him, I feel for a pulse and check his breathing. He seems to only be unconscious, I'm glad he's alive. Eden, Cory and Miller all gasp at the sight of my mate's body. He has blood all over his face and in his white blonde hair, his wrist looks deformed, and I see bruises forming everywhere.

We all help pick Spencer up, all very careful to avoid injury. I mindlink Doctor Lana, telling her Spencer is in bad shape. I also mindlink my parents, wanting them to know. They have treated Spencer as if he is their own, I know they would want to be informed of this.

Making it to the pack hospital, we bring Spencer into the directed room, and we're soon kicked out. Not allowed to be in there, we head to the waiting room.

My parents make it and my mom seems to already be in tears. My tears have started falling long ago, I stopped bothering to wipe them away. My mom tries to wipe hers away, wanting to be strong for me.

Standing up, I hug her tightly, towering over her small frame. My dad soon joins in on the hug, wanting to comfort us both.

Doctor Lana comes back out with news. "It seems he was beaten pretty badly, he has a shattered wrist and multiple broken ribs. He also has a pretty major concussion, he might not wake up for a while. You can go see him now."

I walk into the dreary hospital room, and stand beside Spencer's bed. I grab onto his non broken hand, and give a reassuring squeeze.

"I love you, Spencer. Please wake up."

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