Chapter 8

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Spencer's POV

After swimming for a little bit, we just relax in shallow water. We sit and let the clear water run over our bodies, the water reaching up to our chest.

Relaxing like this with you mate is the best, just enjoying each other's company without having to have a conversation. You don't need to talk a lot to have a good relationship, you just need to hang out together. 

"I love this," I say with a sigh, my voice still slightly croaky from not using it.

"I love you... I know this is too early to say it and I know I just met you, but you are my life now and I wouldn't want it any other way," Aiden speaks with love clear in his voice.

Seeing my hesitance, he says, "You don't have to say it back, I just wanted you to know."

I nod and rest my head on his shoulder, watching the slight rippling of the water.

Soon the sun is setting, and we just sit there and admire it. This reminds me of when I first came to the clearing and the sun was setting, the beautiful colors creating an ombré effect.

It's so similar, yet so different. This time, I'm safe. I'm with someone who loves me and will protect me, someone who cares. I've never had this before and in just a few days, my life has changed. I have Aiden to thank for it all.

Once the sun has set, Aiden and I get out of the water and I put back on my sweatpants. My other clothes are wet, which makes the walk back to the pack house slightly uncomfortable.

Holding Aiden's hand, we hurry back to get out of the cold night air, which feels colder with our wet clothes.

Once we're back, Aiden informs me, "I have to go see my father in his office, I'll be right back in the room soon."

I nod my head, leaning up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. I pull back, blushing profusely, and walk off to the bedroom.

I decide to take a nice warm shower, so I grab a new set of clothes and start the shower up.

Getting in, I revel in the feeling of the warm water. Much better than the lake water. I wash my hair, using Aiden's manly scented shampoo. I use the same scented body wash, and hop out of the shower. Getting dressed, I go back into the room. Aiden's not back yet.

I wonder what Aiden's dad wanted to talk to him about?

Aiden's POV

"Hi, Dad," I say with a serious tone, knowing that what he has to say is important if he mindlinked me while I was on a date.

"Please sit down, Aiden. We have something important to talk about," my mom says, also with a serious voice. She's in Alpha mode.

Dad starts off, "We contacted the Red Claw Pack, and they confirmed the story. We informed them that the responsible parties must be punished and they decided to rebel."

"What does that mean? What's going to happen?" I ask, confused. Why are they rebelling when the way we rule is fair?

"This means that they are starting a war."

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