Chapter 12

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I awake to the sound of two grown men giggling and a phone camera going off. I hear Namjoon grunt beside me, and dig his face further into the pillow. Yoongi is mumbling incoherent words, the rest are still asleep i assume. I open my eyes to see who's giggling because it's for sure not any of my mates. When I open my eyes I am met with Namjoon's broad chest. No shirt. He must have taken it off in the night. I blush furiously, but look to the foot of the bed to see Sejin and Bang PD. They notice me looking at them and wave. I shyly wave back. Namjoon must have fallen back to sleep cause soon hes rolling over to his back, pulling me on top of his shirtless form. I squeak, which makes Sejin and Band PD laugh hysterically. This effectively wakes up all seven members of BTS.

They all start speaking rapidly at the two telling them to get out, except for Namjoon who notices that his arms are tightly wrapped around my waist, with my head to his chest. He kisses my forehead and apologized, loosening his grip on my waist allowing me to roll off him. I sit up look Sejin strait in the eyes and say

"I want a copy of every picture you took please"

Sejin: "sure thing iris"

I look around and notice my boy's groggy state. Jin is first to ask

"How did the two of you even get in here?"

Bang PD "Well as you know we always have a key for emergencies, and we needed Namjoon this morning but nobody was answering at his room, so we went through all of your rooms till we found you guys here."

Namjoon sits up at this and asks

"What do you need"

Sejin: "the lawyers have given us some important information regarding the situation at hand and we need to have a meeting with all eight of you."

Bang PD: "so get dressed and meet us in the conference room in an hour."

We all nod, the boys all head back to their rooms to get dressed. And since im alone with tae i ask him

"Who should I attempt to kill with my outfit today, hm?"

"I think you should wear Red and black today"

"Oh really and why is that?"

I'm now standing right in front of him waiting for his response before he responds

"Cause i want to see hobi hyung hold down his hormones"

I laugh and walk over to my suitcase and grab a black skirt and a red long sleeve top. I walk to the bathroom making sure I take all my medications. When I walk out of the bathroom Taehyung's jaw drops. He smirks before saying,

 He smirks before saying,

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"Yup we're all dead."

I giggle before walking over to my phone and texting the group

Iris: Tae tae says i'm going to kill you guys today, especially you hobi :)

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