Chapter 29

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Yoongi's point of view

I was attempting to nap while we waited for Jimin to get back. That was until Si Woo practically burst down the door and said

"Jimin needs help, Iris is having a panic attack i think"

I was on my feet and out the door, with the others on my trail. As I neared the door I shouted

"Stay out here, we don't want to overwhelm her."

When I entered I saw Iris on Jimin's lap. She seemed to be barely continuous, much less coherent. She was crying, hyperventilating, and scared. Her wide eyes are staring at me, I see so much fear in her eyes. I slowly made my way toward her, figuring the fire alarm triggered this. She needs to be grounded. I slowly move her to where her back is pressed to Jimin's chest. I then cross her arms across her chest and say

"Jimin hold her as tight as you can, you wont hurt her. Okay?"

He nods. And tightens his hold. I notice the medication next to us. Jimin must have attempted to get her to take it. That would be a good idea if she wasn't so worked up, she won't be able to swallow anything right now. I pick up two backpacks and put them on her legs, to add weight and hopefully bring her back to us. I then notice her head falling forward. She's about to pass out. I put my hands on either side of her face attempting to get her to focus on me.

"Iris,you need to stay awake okay? Stay with me Iris. Stay with me." I say

She just barely nods. I can tell she's trying. She's fighting. But it's not enough this time cause moments later she's passed out.

"Jimin she's passed out. I'm gonna get the others so Jungkook can put her on the couch."

Jimin: "I'm sorry hyung, I couldn't help her."

Yoongi: "Baby Boy I don't think any of us could have helped her unless we had been with her when the alarm went off. Okay, it's not your fault."

I kiss the top of his head as I get up and make my way to the door. I inform the others of the situation, and tell Jungkook to put Iris on the couch. He does, and once were all seated around the studio I notice a girl, so I say

"Uh who are you?"

"Me? Oh I'm Cherry"

"Cherry? Like the fruit?

"Yes, sir"

I look at Namjoon like what the fuck is she doing here?

Namjoon: "So uh Cherry. Why are you here?"

Cherry: "Oh I work here. I'm Iris' security detail, as well as someone who will help her keep track of everything she needs to do. I've also been told how to help her during any autistic attacks and such, but I don't think I did a very good job."

Jimin: "Cherry when I got here you were holding her, and telling her to breathe, you did what you could."

Yoongi: "Once you get to know her better, you'll be able to help her more. So don't worry, I'm sure you two will become good friends."

Cherry: "I hope so, we got to talk for a few minutes before her practice started and she seemed like such a good and pure person."

Jin: "uh okay I like you Cherry but why does Iris need security detail?"

Cherry: "oh uh... I don't think I'm supposed to say. So ask Bang PD? Or maybe Iris will know?"

Hoseok: "What I wanna know is why the fire alarm went off. It was on for maybe a solid 10 seconds if that."

Taehyung: "It was probably a glitch."

Jungkook: "hyungs when will Iris wake up?"

Yoongi: "She should be awake within an hour, if she's not I'm going to call the hospital."

I knew she always had a chance of passing out. I knew that her autism was no joke, but I didn't want to believe she would pass out. I now realize that no matter how much i read, how much I learn, how much I educate myself I will never know what it's like to be autistic. I will never be able to completely understand what she's going through.

30 minutes pass and Iris still hasn't woken up, I lay my head on the back of the chair and just count the holes in the ceiling. It's now been another 20 minutes and I have lost count of how many times I have counted to a hundred when I feel a small hand on my cheek. I sit up and there she is. My cupcake. Wide awake and as cheerful as ever looking back at me.

"Cupcake! Are you okay? Do you hurt? Can I get you anything?" I exclaim loud enough that everyone else notices she's awake and rushes toward us, toward our little fangirl.

A/N: okay so I know this is a short chapter but i wanted this chapter to be purely Yoongi's point of view. 

Thank you guys for so much support! I love writing and am thinking of writing my own book, that I would get published, but till then I need more practice, so any feedback is helpful and appreciated

So until the next chapter, I purple you!

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