Chapter 22

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A few days later while we were all cuddling on the couch, the doorbell rang. Jimin went to get the door since he was the only person not completely tangled up. While I was somehow On Hobi's lap, Taehyung curled into my left side, and Jin On my right with his head on my lap. I soon see Sejin was walking into the room as Jimin joined back in. He looked at us like we were crazy, which no doubt I am. He slowly shakes his head before speaking

"The court date is set. It's in two weeks. They pushed it forward due to the degree of its nature. The lawyers have told me that the only way your father can get out of this is if he convinces the jury that you are unstable or somebody else did it. So expect them to come after you Iris. We don't know what they'll come after you with but your fathers teamed up with some top notch lawyers, they won't go easy."

I nod. I don't know what he will use but I refuse to worry about it. I will deal with it when it comes. And when it comes I will speak myself.

"Wait Sejin, my family doesn't speak korean, will there be a translator for y'all or?"

"The court house will translate, and you Iris will be required to speak english so his lawyers can understand you. And don't worry we have some lawyers who speak English as well so they will be up there. Any other questions?"


"Then I will make my leave. I'll be in contact."

I cuddle back into the tangle of limbs. Before Jin speaks up

"Who's your favourite disney princess, Iris"


Jimin: "time to watch frozen then"

As he says this he reaches for the remote so i feel the need to warn them

"If you play frozen I will sing along to each and every song"

Yoongi: "then play the movie"

I giggle while I hear the iconic disney castle intro. I look toward the screen and enjoy the movie.

About thirty minutes into the movie Let it go came on, and when I say I sang with all my heart. I mean I hit every note and sang with all my heart. When the song was over I looked over to my boys who were looking at me in absolute awe. To say I was confused is an understatement. So I speak

"Was I that bad?"

Jungkook: "No! Not at all, I just. We're just"

Jin: "shocked"

Yoongi: "Have you ever considered a career in music?"

Iris: "Well, it was my dream growing up to be a singer and dancer, but so many people told me i would never make it so i gave up. And I'm too old now to pursue it so"

Namjoon: "Iris, if you really want to pursue your dream well support you, you could train at bighit"

Iris: "well I mean I always said I would give up anything for a chance, so it couldn't hurt. I just don't want to appropriate the culture since I'm white."

Hoseok: "you could sing in english"

Iris: "then if i get through an audition on my own without help from you guys, Bang PD, or Sejin. I will try."

The boys cheered loudly, then Tae asked

"You should do a english cover of one of our songs, which one though?"

Iris: "I'm most comfortable with Not Today"

Namjoon: "but that has raps?"

Iris: "who said I couldn't rap?"

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