chapter 15

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I wake to JIns hands on my sides as he hovers above me pressing kisses to my face. I giggle. He tells me to go get dressed that well be leaving for the stadium soon so I choose a outfit but before i head to the bathroom I ask jin

"Are any of yall good at doing makeup? I don't want my neck to look like this."

He just looks down at his phone and starts typing, soon enough my phone goes off.

Jin: tae, jimin wanna do iris' hair and make up?


Jimin: dashi run run run

I giggled and soon enough there was a knock at the door, i opened it Jimin immediately says

"I'll be doing hair, tae will do make up now what kinda look are you going for?"

"I just wanted a natural look and enough make up to cover my neck."

Tae: "got it

They led me to the bathroom and had me sit down on the cold counter. Jimin started brushing through my short hair, He styled it so it would be out of my face for the night. Tae then started doing my makeup, leaving it plane and simple. Using just enough makeup to highlight my apparently what they called natural beauty. Once he was done with my face he started brushing my neck with fondation and I flinched. It was still sore. Tae apologized and switched out the brush he was using for a softer one, while jimin ran his arms up and down my arms helping relieve the tension that was there. 20 minutes later and tae was done hiding the bruises on my neck. I looked in the mirror and felt like me. I grab the outfit and changed into it. When I walked out of the bathroom everyone was there dressed and ready to go, but I happened to catch sight of the clock and my jaw dropped. It reads 5:26. No. absolutely not. I need sleep. So i whine

"Who in the hell decided to wake me up this early, I wanna sleep."

Namjoon: "sorry starshine, but we have to get to the venue before the fans"

I ignore him and start walking back to the comfortable bed, until the sunshine himself grabs me around the waist and hoists me onto his shoulder. The boys then start walking to the van, sejin and bang PD laughing once they see us.

Sejin: "So why is Iris on your shoulder Hoseok?"

Iris: "cause these idiots didn't tell me what time it was and i wanna sleep!"

Hoseok: "and since she won't walk anywhere other than a bed this is my solution"

Hobi then sat me down in the van and before i could attempt to get back to the comforts of my bed, sat himself down right next to me and closed the door.

Once we got to the venue the boys had to get ready so I stuck to Sejin like glue. It was chaotic and 14 hours later the concert started. And I was watching from the green room with my army bomb.

During the whole concert I did the fanchants and the dances very horribly but the staff looked at me fondly and decided then and there that I was their baby that needed to be protected at all cost. Every time the boys were backstage they wouldn't disturb me, I was enjoying the concert. And besides they loved seeing me so happy.

It was now intermission and I was sitting on Hobis lap when all of a sudden we hear chanting. Army was chanting

"We love you iris"

I couldn't believe they were chanting for me. I leaned into hobis frame and just smiled like an idiot. The boys awed at me before going back on stage, me heading to the green room to go back into army fangirl mode. After a few songs the boys lined up to say their goodbyes.

When they did so I of course cried. Cause i always cry at the end/ of concerts cause i don't want to say goodbye. Sejin and Bang PD laughed at how when tae told the fans to not cry that they'd meet again someday i just cried harder.

Finally the boys came backstage and ased

Hobi: Why are you crying doll?

Sejin: cause the concert ended and she had to say bye

Jin: buy princess were right here

Iris: but still the concert is over and now the horrid post concert depression will set in for a few days.

Namjoon: the what

Jungkook: whats post concert depression

Iris: its when after a concert you feel a very low low because of the very high euphoric feeling you feel during a concert. All fans go through it.

Yoongi: wow i didn't know

Iris: don't worry it's always worth it for our idols

The boys then leave to go shower and change. When they came back we got into the van and headed to the hotel where I decided I would stay the night with Hobi.

Once we were back I quickly changed into my PJs, took my meds and dived into the bed. I soon felt the bed dip beside me before being pulled into his chest. I looked up to see his face looking ethedral in the moonlight. He smiled down at me and said

"Take a picture it will last longer"

"Well if your gonna be sassy guess you don't get a good night kiss"

"Oh really"


"Well can i get that good night kiss now?"




I leant up and kissed him on his nose before putting my head back in his chest and snuggling in

"Doll, you're such a tease"

"I know"

"night "


And with that we were both asleep, dreaming of our futures.

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