Chapter 27

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When I woke up I was pressed between tae and joon. With my back pressed into Joon's chest, and Tae's back pressed into my chest. Soon enough the other two had started to wake up. Tae turned around in my hold, pouting. He looked down to my lips and back up. I nodded my head and he gave me a short and sweet kiss, before getting ready for the day. I was about to get up too, but Joon had other plans. He pulled me down, placing me on my back before hovering over me and saying

"Don't I get a kiss too starshine?"

All I could do was nod, and words were not coming out. He quickly took the opportunity, to press his lips to mine, before rolling off me, and onto his feet leaving to get dressed. Hoseok came in and set out an outfit for me. Apparently first impressions are important.

	We were all having breakfast together when Jimin randomly said

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We were all having breakfast together when Jimin randomly said

"You know, it makes me really happy that we've all only kissed people in out bond"

They all hum in acknowledgement until I say

"Technically Jin kissed a statue."

Jin: "Yah, that doesn't count"

Everybody was laughing, Jungkook high fived me, while Jin sulked.

Yoongi: "You know she's starting to act more and more her age, we're gonna have to step up our game cause now we have two gen z here."

Hoseok: "And Iris is like prime gen z, jungkook barely makes the cut."

Jungkook: "Yah, I count"

We all laugh.

Soon enough Sejin picked us up in the van. When we approach bighit, he says

"Okay, I will be taking Iris to her dance practice, and you seven boys will go about your own day without coming to find her. Got it?"

There were murmurs of agreement. Before we exited the van, me following Sejin to the lift, and to my practice room. My instructor's name was Si woo. He was about 5'7 in height.

He told me to stretch and warm up and then we would start. So I did. 20 minutes later We worked on my flexibility. Which is shit at the moment because I haven't practiced contemporary, modern, or ballet in close to two years. I worked threw the exercises and stretches, until he was satisfied. We then started practicing different routines. Mostly the chorus of songs. It was noon and Si woo, went to look at his lesson plan before saying

"You finished a full day of work in four hours. You're dedicated."


Si Woo: "What's the notification for, didn't sound like a text tone?"

Iris: "Oh that one means BTS is live"

I smiled and he laughed before saying

"You know turn on their live, imma go chide them on their live"

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