Chapter 36: Secret MV filming

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Today was the day. I am going to film my MV for my debut single titled dreams. The boys were banned from working and being at the company since a few of the scenes will be shot in the practice rooms. I get dressed in jeans with my white t-shirt touched in with a black belt. I grab my backpack that I packed last night and walk out my door swiftly running straight into someone's chest.

I look up to see Joon staring back at me. He tilted his head before questioning

"Where are you going starshine? I thought we had the day off?"

I laughed a bit before going on my tiptoes to pat his head replying

"No, you guys have the day off, I have work."

I then skipped down the hallways and once I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw Dawon and Cherry enter, while Jimin who let them in looked highly confused. Dawon then ran to me with her arms open, so I did the same meeting her halfway. Cherry soon joined us in our jumping up and down group hug while laughing, with a side of screams. When we broke apart we saw the members of BTS looking at us like we were crazy.

I laughed as they all looked oh so confused until Hoseok spoke up "uh Dawon noona, why are you here?"

As per usual Dawon knew the MV was a surprise for the boys, as they would be live on vlive when it dropped, mostly for my amusement. So she answered the question in the best Dawon way I knew

"Well dear brother of mine, I am going with Iris to watch her dance practice today so I can get a feel for how she moves, and dress her accordingly. Now we have lots to do today, so enjoy your time off, goodbye!"

She then dragged cherry and me out while I yelled out to my dearly confused soulmates goodbye.

The car ride was filled with screaming- I mean singing- on our way to big hit. My phone vibrated in my pocket begging me to unlock it before my soulmates killed it with their numerous text messages coming through.

Jungkook: I'm confused

Taehyung: I think my ears are still ringing

Jin: I wanna know why we can't go to work today? Namjoon do you know?

Namjoon: No, was just told we had the day off, and assumed that meant Iris too

Yoongi: Maybe she's planning smth?

Hoseok: If my sisters involved, she's definitely planning something

I laughed as I replied

Iris: You think I'm up to smth? If I was up to smth I wouldn't be going to work like that doesn't seem like a good scheming place, wouldn't Bang PD catch me like...

Tae: She's gotta point Sejin and Bang PD always catch me when I'm attempting to do something :(

Jin: okay but why aren't we allowed to be at the company???

Iris: IDK maybe they want a chaos-less day?? I mean didn't Joon break a doorknob last week??

Namjoon: I'm never gonna live that down am I?

Jin: no

Yoongi: really, you still haven't lived down the glasses, or the floor, or the literal nickname GOD OF DESTRUCTION, so uh no

Hoseok: dude you can't even get a handshake?

Iris: lmao hobi... well I just got to the company imma get to work so I can get back to my babies ;3

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