Missing Heroes

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The night was quiet and cool. The perfect time to be going for a run. 

Sonic the Hedgehog shot through the city, thoroughly enjoying the wind combing through his blue fur, sliding easily through his quills as his feet pattered on the ground. The day had been calm, Dr. Eggman retreating into his hole, the citizens wandering about their daily routines with the occasional speed through from the blue hero. 

Sonic wasn't one to take things for granted, however. He appreciated the small victories, but there always seemed to be a catch. Such peace never came so easily. He was always on his toes, ready for the next thing to come up. He liked the peace and quiet, not that he was complaining, but he was ready for an attack at any moment. It was a common tactic. The quiet before the storm. 

Little did he know this storm was more like a hurricane.

"Sonic! Where are you?" Tails the Fox's voice came through on his communicator. 

"Just taking a run around Sunset City. What's the report? Is there anything to report?" 

"No. Just making sure you're okay, I guess." 

"You sound worried. What's up?" 

"I don't know. It's really cold in here." 

"Where are you?" 

"Hanging out in my workshop. What on Mobius? The temperature is dropping! A lot!" Tails shifted and Sonic assumed he was going to see what was going on with the temperature monitor. 

Then it hit him, too. 

A blast of freezing air swept through the area and Sonic skidded to a halt, his breath billowing out in front of him. He turned and looked out over the city, rubbing his arms. He looked down at his feet, frost icing over the grass and his shoes. "What on Mobius?" he whispered, looking back to the city. All the lights had gone out. 

The blue hedgehog shot back down among the buildings, hearing people's panicked cries. 

"What's going on?" 

"It's freezing, but the power went out!" 

"All the tech is broken! Nothing's working, not even the flashlights!" 

"It's okay, everyone!" Sonic shouted as he ran through the streets. "We'll figure out what's going on, ASAP!" He tapped his communicator, but, like everything else, it had shorted out, too. "Okay, that's a problem." 

Sonic dropped his arm, still moving to fight the cold temperatures. "Sonic!" a cluster of citizens called, poking their heads out of a hotel. "What's going on?" 

"I'm trying to figure that out," he said. "It'll be fine. Just go inside and try to get warm. I'm going to take a little run to Tails and together we'll see what's causing this." So with that, Sonic shot out of the city, picking his knees up a little higher than usual to get the blood flowing again. 

The blue blur skidded to a halt, his ears perking as he heard seemingly distant cries and screams. He turned around, rubbing his arms as the cold set in again. The grass around his feet was coated in frost, crunching underfoot. 

"Hello?" he called, taking a few labored steps in that direction. He looked down, shaking his legs as the frost began to crawl up his shoes. "Is anyone there?" He gasped, eyes widening as a shriek suddenly sounded right behind him. He whirled around, dropping into a defensive stance. But no one was there. 

"Sonic...." His ears dropped against his head and he turned to the source of the voice. Still no one. "Sonic, over here!" He looked in the other direction. Nothing. 

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