Chapter 12

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Entering the room, a hand grabs me and pulls me inside; pinning me against the wall. I look up to find a smirking Jimin looking down at me. It was as if he knew that I would walk through his door at that time.

"How did you-" He cut me off mid-sentence.

"-know that you would walk through my door? Well, that's easy; I heard you." He answers, making it sound like a fact.

"What do you mean you heard me?" I ask him, confused. I mean who the fuck can hear a person who's gonna walk through a damn door, and guess the identity of the person too?

"Wow, Princess, I didn't know you were so naïve... I mean come on; can't you have a guess?" He asks, seemingly irritated. Since he says so, why don't I have a guess? How could he literally hear me coming into his fucking room? Its insane. Am I forgetting something?

"Guess what, I am pretty naïve, and I hope you understand. Could you explain it for me please?" I question Jimin, who looks at me as if I have just lost my mind. "Enlighten me, Jimin. Am I- am I forgetting something?"

He face palms himself, regretting he actually asked that question from me in the first place. He seriously can't believe that you already forgot such an important thing, and the fact that you have a short term memory loss. He doesn't understand why he's being seriously disappointed at you either.

"Are you for real, Y/N?" He asks, leaving me dumbfounded. I give a shrug and nod at him.

"'re telling me that you can't remember the fact that we are vampires?" He voices. Okay, I was dumb, wasn't I? How fucking hell could I not remember that they were vampires? After all, with what happened with Jungkook, there are no exceptions in forgetting about it.

I look away from Jimin's gaze, scratching the nape of my neck; embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Jimin. I guess something's wrong with me today...Why do you even care if I forget? It's better for everyone isn't it?"

His serious expression turned into a soft one after my question. "It is better if you forget it, but you'll still remember after this anyways..." He shrugs, and in a blink of an eye; he crashes his lips on mine, forcing my eyelids to close. Strangely enough, it took no time at all to his him back, giving him my all. His lips are soft- soft like a sugar plum, tastes the exact same which keeps me coming back for more. The sweet kiss turned into a heated and passionate one. We were literally devouring each other in the warmth of our body heat. The next thing I know is I'm lying down on his cozy bed; Jimin hovering above me. We break apart, gasping for air. Jimin and I stare into each other's soul, his expression screams lust and devotion while mine expresses the exact same love and devotion for him. My heart is beating so fast that it seems it might explode. He leans in, resting his head on the nape of my neck, sniffing the scent of what I guess; my blood. Just him breathing against my skin, sends shivers down my spine.

"Y/N, may I?" He asked for my permission which I gave, without hesitating at all. His vampire canines shoot out because of bloodlust, puncturing deep into my skin; slowly but surely sucking the blood out of my veins. Out of no self control, I let out a moan which I didn't know I could moan so hard. Jimin, on the other hand; who was liking my reaction, pulled his fangs out, kissing on the now made two small holes which were blood red.

"Y/N...Oh My God...that was...freaking heaven..." Jimin vocalized, stuttering just like Jungkook did when he drank my blood.

"Jimin, oh gosh, you've got to get yourself together. You were the one who wanted to taste my blood so badly, therefore you'll have to deal with this then." I say sternly. It was his fault; he knew of the consequences of it and yet he didn't hesitate to bite you.

"Y/N...please...forgive me..., I just...wanted to...taste your...blood..." He apologized, his eyelids forcing itself shut while he tried to keep them open.

I sigh, what am I supposed to do with you guys...? I get off his bed, making him fall on his pillow; which made him instantly drift off to a deep sleep. I smile looking at his cute sleeping face from which I couldn't stop myself from stroking his soft cheeks. He stirred, making me retract my hand away from his face. I toddle towards the door; taking one last peek at Jimin, I close the door; leaving his room, making my way towards my own room wanting to have a rest after something which I would call a 'whole make-out session'.


Guys, hi again!! Isn't it weird that Y/N's blood is alcoholic? I've got no idea how I came up with that..

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