Chapter 25

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After lunch, the only thing you did was plopping on the sofa, staring into nothingness. You were brought out of your trance with the commotion behind you. You turn around to see the most babyish thing in your whole, boring life: Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung were arguing cream. Yep, you read it right, ICE CREAM. Its as if they have nothing better to do. You groan out of frustration, aiming a pillow at the three who shoots you a glare as soon as you did so.

"Would you mind keeping it down? I'm trying to sleep here." You yell, as you release a loud yawn, cupping your mouth out off embarrassment.

"Y/N! Why can't you go to your room if its too loud?!" Taehyung shouts back, spitting fire along with his harsh words. The other two stay silent, agreeing with him. You've had had enough.

"That's it! I'm not gonna tolerate another minute of this crap!" You pushed yourself off the sofa, moving towards the three who suddenly looked dumbfounded. You yank away the tub of vanilla flavored ice-cream the three males were having a hold of.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" You hear Jimin scream, while you scurry to your room, hurriedly, before they could catch up to you. Reaching your room, you slam the door shut, making sure to lock it. You seat yourself on the soft mattress of your bed hearing footsteps behind your door. You snicker silently, as you place the tub of ice-cream on your worktable and opening the drawer, rummaging around in hoping of finding a spoon. You hear a heated discussion going on behind your locked door which you chose to ignore. Hehe, they deserve it for making me lose my precious sleep.

"Found you!" You whisper-yell, as you hold up a plastic spoon in front of your face victoriously. Before you could proceed in your mission to devour your favorite vanilla-flavored dessert, you hear a knock on your door. You smirk in satisfaction; while you were rummaging around inside your drawer, you failed to notice the heated discussion you had heard before has ceased. At last, these brats learned their lesson.

"Yeah?!" You called out, pretending you didn't know who in the world is standing out there, when you actually know. Aish, these kids...They should know who they are dealing with.

"Y/N? Can you open the door?" You hear Jungkook's muffled voice through the door.

"Why should I? Tell me, why should I?" You yell, trying to make it sound as if though you were angry. You laugh silently, when you hear nothing.

"Okay, okay, we're sorry. Now please open up. We want ice-cream!" Taehyung apologized, while whining like a crybaby at the same time. You smile, knowing that they learned what happens when they mess with you. You decide to let them have some too, because how would you eat it alone?! You hopped up, walked towards the door, unlocking the door with a click. You come face to face with three cute faces, staring up at you with puppy eyes. And if there is one thing- one thing in this world that could make you go all weak and warm inside is when someone gives you puppy eyes: especially it its...them. Three out of the seven men who you have grown to love and care with your whole heart. You unconsciously smile at the sudden thought. You snap back to reality, realizing they've already crept into your room, snatched the tub of ice-cream and is already out of sight. You let out a frustrated sigh for being so careless, while knowing the three chaos-makers in this mansion. You stride down the stairs, giving up on having some ice-cream. Sitting on the sofa, you try to go back to sleep, but to no avail.

"Hey, Y/N. What's up?" Flinching at the sudden voice, turning around to meet a just-out-of-bed Yoongi staring at you, sleepily whilst ruffling his blonde locks. You sigh in relief, removing the hand which was on your chest due to the sudden scare.

"Yah! You do that again, I'll-I'll-I'll sue you!" You tell him off for scaring you, stuttering as you struggle to find the right words, whereas he stands there perfectly unbothered by the situation.

"Fine, you can sue me when you are on my bed." He says, making you blush instantly. You curse mentally, as he sends a wink your way, gushing over how cute he looked.

"Are you done flirting? Wow, I didn't know you can flirt; I thought it was Jimin's ability." You speak back, avoiding the cheesy thing he mentioned before. Without an answer, he plopped on the sofa next to you, cuddling close while nuzzling his head on the crook of your neck. You shivered as his breath tickles you, creating a weird sensation rush through you.

"Y/N, why do you look so gloomy?" He whispers, his warm breath fanning across you skin. You gulp, figuring he was way too close, but decided to stay quiet anyways. You don't free cuddles' every time!

"No, it's nothing Yoon- I mean, daddy." You smirk, satisfied with yourself. You hadn't forgotten the time he told you to call him daddy; you just obeyed him.

"What did you say, babygirl? Repeat that for me?" Yoongi asked, pecking your neck.

"Daddy?" You repeated, as he said.

"Good girl. You are daddy's babygirl, aren't you?"

"Hm." You hum in response. That is when an idea pops into your head.

"Daddy, wanna play a game?"

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