Chapter 18

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"Maybe we'll have to re-murder someone after all. Guys, she's back."

The males exchanged worried glances: They knew exactly what Taehyung was talking about, but they were too afraid to except the truth.

"Taehyung, a-are y-you talking a-about K-Kang Bora?" Jungkook asked him, stuttering. Jungkook was aware that this means Y/N has found out...She knows that Kang Bora is indeed her Aunt.

"Yes, Jungkook. And yes, she knows." This news made the males widen their eyes in shock as they didn't expect Y/N to discover the truth this soon. They had had planned to speak about this very topic to you, in a very private space and explain every single detail of what had happened in their frightening past. They knew you wouldn't know the full story, and they knew they would be busted for not telling you sooner; and they were prepared for it.

This was the least expected situation they wanted to be in, but the harsh truth is, "You gotta expect the unexpected." At that moment Namjoon knew what he had to do.

"I'm going to explain everything to her; even if it means she'll hate us." He spoke up and stood up, ready to walk into your room and tell you everything, ready to beg you if he has to; he didn't care, he just wanted you to be informed about your situation and wanted you to be with with him. He was pulled out of his thoughts at Yoongi yelling, "Are you crazy?! Do you have any idea what would happen if we tell her? She could hate us," Yoongi scoffs, "hell, she could even leave us! Do you know what you're talking about?! ARE YOU IN YOUR RIGHT MIND?!"

"ENOUGH! Why do you always have to yell, huh? Have I not taught you'll manners?!" Jin started screaming on the top of his lungs making his whole face go into a very deep shade of red. The room fell silent and was broken by the sound of Yoongi scoffing, "Yeah, you haven't taught us manners...Maybe that's why Y/N HAS TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THIS NOW!"

"Wow, so now you're blaming me for Y/N's pain?! Isn't this all your fault in the first place? WASN'T IT YOU'RE FAULT THAT KANG BORA BECAME THIS WAY?!" The only things that the rest could do was watch them fight; 'cause deep down they knew he was right. The fight was instantly ceased at one voice...and it was that one voice they didn't want to disappoint.

"Are you'll talking about Kang Bora?"

*                *                 *              *                  *                   *               

"Ah, my head..." You wake up with an intense pain in your head. It was throbbing so hard as if someone had smashed a huge boulder into your head. Then you remember: you had seen Kang Bora. You were disappointed to find no present warmth from the once laid body next to you: Taehyung. You vividly reminisced your small interaction with Taehyung which brought a red hue upon your face. It was rather surprising not to find Taehyung lying next to you; still sleeping, as he had drunk your blood and would've been drowsy. He must be skilled in handling this type of blood.

Your mind, racing back to the dream you had had, it frightened you. You didn't know how or why she keeps troubling me and the only-only thing bothering you was how the fuck she knows TaeTae. TaeTae is not even Taehyung's real name, it's his nickname. Only a person who was close to the boys would call them by their nickname. And how is she my Aunt? Wait...HOW IS SHE MY AUNT?! She's not like me and way prettier than myself so, yeah, she's not my Aunt...right?

Why in the world did she want me to come to that church? Does that church even exist? But I need answers...Maybe I should just ask permission from the guys. Yeah, lemme ask permission from one of them, I'm sure they'll understand. Should I lie? Should I lie about the real reason I'm going there? They will sure to be mad at me if one of them decide to stalk me. That's creepy.

Your thoughts were shattered at a pitched voice screaming, "...WASN'T IT YOU'RE FAULT KANG BORA BECAME THIS WAY?!" Oh My God, who is screaming that loud? It sounded like...Jin oppa? Is it him? Why is he yelling Kang Bora's name? WHY IS HE YELLING KANG BORA'S NAME?! Does this mean that she was right all along? They knew who Kang Bora was and didn't tell me? A layer of stinging tears flooded my eyes, threatening to fall.

You sprang up on my feet, zooming downstairs, wiping your tears along the way only to find everyone had gathered around...for a meeting- meeting for the topic of Kang Bora.

"Are you'll talking about Kang Bora?" I asked them sternly, avoiding stuttering. Their gaze fell upon me, a solemn expression taking over. Their heads bob down which means they were ashamed of themselves. "Are you'll for real?! I trusted you'll and this is what I get in return?! How could you do this to me? You knew her very well and after what I've told you, you decide to conceal the truth from me? Is it like taboo? Is it why you'll don't speak about her- about KANG BORA?!" You spit it all out in one breath, your anger taking over you. They betrayed you, and you understood that what you had said was the truth when they didn't defend themselves.

"Look, Y/N, we-"

"NO! Jimin, no. Don't say another damn word. That's enough. Is this why you'll refused to narrate the full story?! H-How c-could y-you'll do t-this to m-me? After everything, I trusted you. I guess I was blinded. You know what they say, "Love makes a person blind." You stutter, as warm tears start cascading down your cheeks. Realization hits you once everything was already spoken: You had indirectly told them that you loved them. Wiping your tears, you ran back to your room confused with your own words. You were still unsure of your feelings, but you confessed anyway. OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO?! I plopped on my bed and started screaming into a pillow like a crazy woman. Why did I commit that crime? Why me?!

Your fear- fear of getting rejected is what kept you from going up to them and confessing, even though you were still uncertain of your feelings. You began scolding to yourself; you never meant for this to happen. I wish I could turn back time...but, what's done is done, and there is no turning back now.

*               *                  *                  *                      *                *

Hoseok POV

"Um, guys, what just happened?" I broke the silence as the tension in room was so intense, that you could cut it with a knife. The males who were quarrelling too, stopped since you arrived and scolded them. Hoseok understood how you felt, and he wants to make up for it.

I look at the others,whose faces were filled with guilt or not confessing to you sooner. He knewthat each one of them had feelings for you, but their ego always held themback. They were scared; they were beyond terrified that they had feelings foryou. They remembered the last time they openly confessed their love to her- tothat bitch, only to be heartbroken. He felt the same way towards you and nowthat you have confessed whilst yelling at them, he was unsure of your feelingtowards them. Who would know? Maybe you were unsure of your feelings, or maybe you were just jealous. No, you were too innocent to be jealous. You wouldn't even hurt a fly. I was broken from my trance when I heard Namjoon speaking, "I'm gonna go tell her everything. And I mean everything." ___________________________________________________

Woah, that was one hell of chapter. I feel I'm rushing things but its only because there is more amazing content to come. So, stay tuned!



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