Chapter 26

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Okay, so, when you said game, you literally meant...a game. A person who hears your question can have different mindsets: one being, you know, games, and the other know what I'm trying to say! The male next to you, at the moment, whose eyeballs popped out of its sockets, were staring at you as if you've just confirmed yourself to be crazy. Personally, you knew what was processing in that brain of his when you saw his growing smirk on his lips. You mentally face palm for your choice of words and spoke up before he does what you think he would do.

"Hol' up, Mr. Min Yoongi! Wipe that smirks clean from your face this instance! I didn't mean in the way that you think I meant." You voice, in utter confusion of the words you just spit out.

In a blink of an eye, his flirtatious smirk was replaced with his daily frown. When you say daily- you meant daily. He frowns at almost everyone who flashes him a toothy grin or smiles at him. You would say, typical Min Yoongi.

"What are you talking about, Y/N?" He inquires, suddenly snickering, probably at your confused expression. You look at him blinking as to how fast he can change his moods. Does he have mood swings...?

You push the thought aside; clasping your hands together, you stand up, "We should gather everyone Yoongles!" You smiled widely, excited. You look down at Yoongi, who looks up at you with a 'what the fuck did you just say' face.

"What?" You question, still thrilled about your great idea.

"What did you just call me?" He asks, completely unamused, whereas you stand there puzzled of his uncomprehensive enquiry.

"What...did I just call you?" You question, unsure as to what he was stating to. You smile anxiously, freaked out if you had mentioned something he loathed.

"What's a Yoongles...?" He inquires, with a clearly sickened look. You considered for a while, and comprehended you've called him 'Yoongles' without your awareness.

"Ah, seriously? You're troubled since I called you that?! Loosen up, man!" You requested, faintly nudging him with your elbow. "I'm gonna be naming you that epithet from today forward!" You laugh at the now cutely puckering Yoongi.

Yoongi- or rather Yoongles, scurried off to assemble the others to commence in playing our diminutive game which you memorized. Yeah, you understood that gathering seven child-like men is not gonna be calm. You slouched on the sofa where you were ready and waiting uncomplainingly until they appear. You've had had enough of waiting; hence you left and screamed your lungs out requesting them to come downstairs. It took a while, but one by one everybody appeared and settled themselves forming a circle as you said them that we were playing a game. Taehyung and some of them complained adage they had better work to perform than play some thoughtless game. You frowned at the response you received and proceeded to explicate the rubrics of the game.

"So, I and Yoongles," You watched Yoongi suppressing a giggle, however he scrunched his nose at the name. You continued, "agreed to play a game." The males focused on Yoongi possibly perplexed as to why he would want to play a game.

"What?! Don't look at me like that! It was her idea!" Yoongi exclaimed, crossing his arms and furrowing his eyebrows, and currently he looks like a kid who didn't get a sweet he desired. They focused on you once yet again, contemplating like lost kids with no knowledge of what's happening.

"Okay, we are playing 'Never Have I Ever'. You're normally supposed to do the game with alcohol, but let's not do that because you'll don't get affected by alcohol." You paused, scanning the circle, while catching their eye-contact. "Do you'll know how to play it?" you continued. Everyone- literally everyone raised their hands gradually, glancing at one another. You smacked your palm on your forehead, producing a lurid sound which echoed, because it was soundless.

You heaved a long sigh. "Its like this. For instance, if I say, "Never have I ever stolen from anyone", if you have stolen something or anything, you put a finger down. The person who has all the fingers down at the end of the game obtains a penalty. Got it?" You examine, expectedly for questions. As they were silent, you appropriated that as a yes.

"So, I'll start. Never have I ever drunk blood from a human." You smirk, satisficed and knowing that each one of them had once drunk blood from a human. Groaning, they reluctantly folded one finger. Following was Yoongi because he was sitting alongside you. He eyed you and leered.

"Never have I ever had sex with one of us." None laid their fingers down, obviously; they're not bisexual. Neither did you which jumbled the males. You glance down, embarrassed, but also to pelt the red hue which was surely appeared on your cheeks.

"But I'm sure I heard her moan Yoongi's-" Jimin suddenly piped up only to be hushed by Jungkook who was seated nearby.

"Shut up, that doesn't mean they had sex, you dumbhead." Namjoon defended you. "Yeah, Jimin, you shouldn't predict stuff. Let's just ask Y/N. Y/N, did you have sex with Yoongi?" Hoseok intervened. Honestly, right now, you wanted to dig a deep hole and rot to death for the second-hand embarrassment you've been getting. At times like this, you regret your life choices.

"No! Why would you even think that way?!" You cover your face with your hands to avoid from gazing at them. Finally, once you've got over your embarrassment, you removed your hands from your face only to discover the males smirking at you. Well, shit. They just found out that you were still a guiltless virgin. What may be going on in those heads of theirs?

"Don't worry, Y/N. You will get laid pretty soon, baby." Taehyung specified with a hoarse speech, licking his lips, which sent shudders down your needle.

Oh God, what have I gotten myself into this time?

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