Chapter 19

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It was late in the night; the moon shining brightly, having not to worry about anything, or rather anyone. The stars twinkling in a wonderous pattern which you couldn't get enough of. The twinkling crystals had always made you reminisce about your parents- your parents that you missed so much. You'll would have been living life contently if it wasn't for these vampires- vampires whom you thought didn't exist; but they do, and you fallen for seven of them...A sudden rage flowed through your veins, it's all her fault. I won't let you get away with this, Kang Bora.

Wide awake, unable to even get a blink of sleep because of the betrayal you felt. They betrayed you, and you won't let it slide easily. Although, you still couldn't understand why you yelled at them...You shouldn't have; it's their life, they've to choose their actions. You've got no right to scold them this way. Why in the world did you tell them that you loved them? What would have they thought? This is all going too fast, I just wanna cry all day long without nourishing myself either.

A deep sigh leaves your lips; you can't turn back time. Therefore, there is no point in mourning over what's gone. Turning around, you decide to get a good night's sleep anyway 'cause they not worth your time. You had just shut your eyes, drowning into sleep when you hear a knock on your door. You groaned in annoyance; the last thing you wanted to do was hear someone explain about their past. You kept quiet, hoping whoever was knocking would leave, assuming that you would be asleep. But, no, he kept on knocking. Irritation taking over you, you lazily crawl out of bed and unlock the door.

"What do you want? I don't want to speak to anyone right now." You say, bluntly, not caring to look who had arrived. You hear a sigh leave his lips. "Look, Y/N, I know you're upset but please just listen to me. I can explain everything if you are willing to listen." Namjoon offered. You, on the other hand, was not paying attention to him, you did not want to talk to anyone at this moment, and you mean it.

"Are you done, Namjoon?" you deadpanned, "please leave if you're done 'cause I need a break from all your excuses. So, if you don't mind..."

"Okay, I'll leave you to your rest, but I'm coming back tomorrow to set things right."

"Only if it's possible." You mutter, and thankfully he didn't hear you. Locking the door once again, you plopped on your bed, trying your best to sleep, but Namjoon's words only kept interrupting your thoughts.

You moaned, "This is not gonna work," you whisper, before hopping out of bed, "I need something to get over this...I wonder if these males consume alcohol...?" You straddle over to the kitchen; everyone was asleep since it was late. Thank god, now I can hunt for whine or something. You had never tried alcohol before, but there is always a first time for everything. Damn though, your alcohol tolerance is very low which means you'll get drunk fast. Who cares, you're gonna get drunk either way. End of story.

You peeked inside the cabinets, cupboards, but to no avail. Nothing. You decide to check somewhere other than the kitchen. Who knows, maybe they have a whole bar for refreshments. And, yes, my guess was right. They did have a whole bar filled with 'em. A sigh of contentment left your lips as you go through the varieties they had stocked up. "Wow, they do have a wide selection," you utter, running your hands over the glass bottles, "what should I have?" You grab a simple red wine, since it is your first time. Grabbing a wine glass, you head over to the couch, carefully placing the wine class and the delicate bottle of wine on the coffee table. You screwed the cap of the wine bottle off and poured a quarter of wine into the glass. (A/N: Don't judge me, I've never drunk wine before😊) You sniffed it, observed the color of it, similar to what a beginner drinker would do. At last, when you took a sip of the sweet smelling wine; you instantly got addicted to the taste. That was when you started drinking heavily, wine glasses filled as it was about to overflow. It was endless. You would've stumbled over to the bar to grab another bottle if it wasn't for someone who called your name.


Your eyes were drooping down, but you didn't let it to. You tried focusing on the person who called your name, though your vision was getting blurred. Suddenly, two pairs of hands grab your shoulders and started shaking you. It was Namjoon. You tried flicking his hands away only to no avail; he was too strong.

"What do you want Namjoon?! Didn't I tell you not to trouble me?!" You yell at him, drunk.

"Why did you drink alcohol? You can't tolerate it." He questioned calmly, despise my harsh tone.

"Why do you care? Do you even love me?" You ask, out of the blue. Namjoon's eyes widen at your question. He shrugged it off, 'cause, you know, you were dunk.

"NO, NAMJOON! YOU TELL ME THIS INSTANCE!" You yell at him, although you seemed like a big baby who needs attention. Namjoon lets out a sigh. He seated himself beside you, turning you to meet his handsome face. He cupped your face, forcing you to meet his eyes. 

That moment, you felt as if time had stopped itself, the earth had ceased to rotate, just so you could enjoy this moment. Moments. That moment, when he ever so slowly, kept bringing his face closer to yours. His warm breath wafting over your cheek, which seems to heat you up. The temperature in the room was increasing rapidly, as his lips met yours. Compared to the kisses you've had before, this specific one was different. It was sweet, loving and caring. He was holding you so delicately, as if you would disappear if he were to let go of me. You were literally melting in his touch, encircling your small hands around his neck, shortening the distance between you'll. But of course, you had to pull back for your need of oxygen. You smile when he chuckled, "Damn, babygirl, you taste so sweet." He compliments, joining our foreheads together. You were still a bit dizzy, making the wine get the best of you. You smashed your lips back onto his, catching him by surprise at your sudden change in demeanor, but kissed you back anyway. Although this time, it was passionate. You were hungry for him, for his love and affection. You connect your fingers in his smooth and luscious hair, while he grabs your waist, pulling you impossibly close. He leaves a wet trail of kisses down to my exposed collarbone, making you moan hard making you to tighten your grip on his hair. Before you knew it, he had inserted his sharp vampire canines, piercing through your soft spot making you moan insanely. (If that is possible, that is ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)) He draws back, leaving a small peck on the place where he had bitten seconds ago, bringing you back from your emotional rollercoaster. He successfully carried you bridal style to his room, as he noticed you were trying your best not to fall asleep amid of a make-out session, but you were failing big time. He laid you on his bed, as he too adjusted himself next to you, cuddling close to you finding your comforting warmth.

"You should really stop doing this to us, y'know?" He snickered, "I love you, Y/N. We all do. But before we confess, we really need to explain you our backstory..." Namjoon lets out a small sigh as he slept beside you, closing his eyes and welcoming the darkness of sleep.


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