Family Tree of Jahangirs

6K 195 20

The first son of Abdullah Jahangir- Junaid was married to Rukhsar and had three children-

Zaydan Jahangir and his wife Hooriya. They had two children-
1] Daniyal Jahangir (23)
2] Anabiya Jahangir (20)

Mirha and Saad had three sons-
1] Taha(24)
3] Musa(20)

The youngest son Ahmer was married to his cousin Safiya and was blessed with a daughter- Sahaan (19)


Second son Jamshed was married to Rasheda and had a daughter Naimal but they live separately and only Jamshed was in contact with the family.


Third son Shahid had one daughter and a pair of twin boys.
1]Fajar was married to Ibrahim and had a sweetheart- Dua (22)
2] Ahmed and Azhar were married to Afra and Azra their college sweethearts who were also twin. Ahmed had a handsome son Yusuf (18) followed by a daughter Nilofer(17). Whereas Azhar had a youngest daughter of the clan Daneen who is also 17.


The youngest son was blessed with triplet boys and a younger girl who was married to Ahmer.
1]Hamza had a pair of twin girls- Namira and Zunera (21) with his wife Zara.

2]While Haider followed his brother's footsteps and also had a pair of twin boys- Tauqueer and Tausif (22) with his wife Humeira.

3]Ali and Ramsha was blessed with a son- Shahmir

Author's note:

So here is the family tree. If you are still confused than comment anywhere here I will clear the confusion.


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