Talab-e-Ishq (8)

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She was gazing at him after so long but not as long as last time, but she herself didn't knew why the hell this time it felt like she saw him after a decade.

After knowing the truth, it was the first time she came to sit with everyone after talking to her parents last night. Guilt, anger, confusion...she poured out everything while Hooriya and Zaydan held onto her telling her how sorry were they for putting her in such a situation.

The story behind her nikah was very cliche...like how they usually describe in dramas and all. Ahad's grandfather. He was the man who did this before breathing his last with all the emotional drama followed after.

Anabiya startled when he looked up at her sensing her burning gaze through his skull from quite a while now. She looked away pretending to look here and there as if she wasn't gawking at him just a second ago. Ahad's lips turned into a full blown smile seeing her expression after getting caught red handed, her ears turned pink while she controlled her best to avoid the hue spreading on her cheeks...her eyes...ohh her beautiful golden brown eyes...they looked so damn attractive while moving here and there to avoid looking at him. If he wasn't already whipped...he was gone now...for sure...for eternity.


"Baba ham kaha jaa rahe hai?" Inam asked from the passenger seat quiet excitedly making her father and Hayam chuckle.

"Abhi pata chal jayega apko." Lovingly patting her head he said while concentrating on driving.

"Baba aj ap bhot handsome lag rahe hai." She said after a while.

"Acha jii? Kya chahiye meri beti ko?" He asked knowing her well.

"Babaaaa..." Inam whined at her Baba for knowing her so well. "Ok fine...hame trip par jana hai...college trip...sout side jaa rahi hai."

"Beta apko pata hai mai nahi jane deta akele kahi bhi."

"Ha to ham akele kaha hoge? Api hogi na hamare sath." Hayam's eyes widened at her casuality.

"Oye...oye...mai kaha se aagai bich me? Huh? Tumhe jana hai to jao. Maine nahi jana trip shrip par." Hayam said while smacking her head from back seat.

"Oufff Api...kya hoga chali jayegi choti behen ke sath? Char din ki to baat hai...haina Baba?"

"Umm...we will think about it afterwards...because we have already reached our destination." He said indicating towards the vast haveli visible from distance.

Inam squinted her eyes to get a clear view and as her mind began processing the location and view her eyes widened fraction by fraction.

"Ya allahhh...abbu sach me ham yaha hai? Ham yaha invited hai? Ya allah apne pehle kyu nahi bataya? Ham ache se tayar hi ho jate? Ya allah api ham thik nahi lag rahe na? Babaaa...ab kya hoga? Sab kya sochege hamare baare me?" She rambled on and on without a break.

"Relax Inam. You look fine. And don't worry, they will love you." By now her father was parking the car infront of the haveli.

"Come on they will be waiting for us." Saying they got down. Inam forgot about her appearance while taking in the view of the haveli. Thats how she was. Forgeting and forgiving everything. Hayam was equally excited if not more.

The huge wooden door suddenly opened and they were greeted by none other then Zaydan Jahangir himself.

"Assalamualaikum Adeel." The two men hugged each other and shook hands. "And this beautiful ladies meri bhajiya hai right?" Inam nodded excitedly while Hayam shied away. "Ok let me guess...ye Inam hai..." Inam squealed in delight while hugging him side ways. "And this is our sweet Hayam right?" Hayam nodded shyly while side hugging him.

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