Talab-e-Ishq (21)

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It was a weird night. After everyone had dinner together, they were in living room when Ahmer turned on the television where already a video was being played highlighting everything happening in Palestine. It was definitely connected to someone's mobile because news channel would never cover news about this issue.

The atmosphere turned gloomy at once and Tausif was at once glad Hayam retired early to bed because he didn't wanted her to see so small babies in such horrible conditions.

"Alhumdulillah! Hamare paas duniya ki nemate hai khaane se lekar pehenne or fuzul kharchi karne tak. Or ek taraf wo log hai, jo ek ek lukme ko taras rahe hai." Hooriya had her eyes blurred with teats literally.

"It's true. So devastating that they are facing the loss of their loved ones on daily basis while many lost their entire lineage. And us... even after living such a comfortable life with our loved ones we can't take out a mere two minutes to thank Allah and pray for his mercy and appreciate the relations we have." Zaydan finished speaking his thoughts but the silence followed.

After a discussion of few minutes as elders left for their rooms to rest, some lonely souls sat their contemplating on a sentence engraved in their mind.

"...even after living such a comfortable life with our loved ones we can't take out a mere two minutes to thank Allah and pray for his mercy and appreciate the relations we have..."

Daniyal was in deep thoughts as he sat in the living room with his elbows on his knees and hands joined together near his lips, his both index fingers kept on his lips as his mind ran a marathon.

Next to him was Tauqueer, who layed with his head resting now on armrest as his mother went inside to rest otherwise he had his head on her lap. He sure had not wanted to marry off to Inam in the first place, but when he did it was with his full consent. But did he appreciated her enough for her to believe that he loved her?

Shahmir was the only one in the most dilemma. Sahaan was away from him, miles away. Both physically and emotionally. Neither he had a right to claim his love to him nor it was the time. But he wanted it. He wanted the right to claim, the right to call her his. After thinking for few minutes, he finally decided what should he do. And he did the thing, he never did since she left.

Namira was close to tears, on one side their was the one she loved selflessly and on the other hand was the one who was actually her future. Wasn't she being unfair to him? It was decided! Next time whenever they will meet she will definitely confess her true feelings. She was willing to move on, and it won't be done unless and until she had the truth open in front of her future husband.

Mohtashim Anwar was becoming a constant reminder of her breathing pattern, as Zunera walked to her room that night, she couldn't help but accept that she was in love! In love with her client!


Daneen was ready to sleep when heard a *thud* sound near her bed. And before she could shriek in fright, her mouth was captured by the intruder's hand. Wide eyed she tried to look who it was, but the dim light didn't do the justice.

"Sshhh...Daneen mai hu Daniyal!" He whispered and shouted at the same time removed his hand and turning on the light.

"Apka dimaag kharab hai? Jaan nikal jaati abhi yaha!" Sitting up and bringing her legs down she yelled.

"Chup kar jao sabko jagana hai kya?" Saying he gestured with his hands to keep her volume down whereas she still had her hand on her heart to calm her heartbeats.

"Kya masla hai? Itni raat ho gayi hai or ap andar se kyu nahi aye? Mujhe laga khuda na khwasta koi chor ghus gaya hai!"

Daniyal looked at her sleepy disheveled form without saying anything for few moments. Her hairs were all over the place, nose scrunched in annoyance while eyebrows furrowed while her eyes looked like a tigress was eyeing her prey. All in one, she looked cute and beautiful at the same time.

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