Talab-e-Ishq (11)

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"MAMMA...BABA...BHAI...BADE BABA..." Tausif was shouting like a mad while running downstairs carefully not to let Hayam in his arms fall.

"Kya hua hai itna kyu..." Hooriya's words died down as soon as he saw their condition.

"Dekhe na badi ma...uth hi nahi rahi hai...isse bole na ab uth jaye...bohot mazak kar liya..." He practically begged in front of her while laying Hayam down on the couch.

Hooriya hurriedly sprinkled water on her face but to no avail.

"Yaaar ye uth hi nahi rahi hai..." he screamed frustrated tangling his fingers in his messy hairs while angry tears threatened to come out of his eyes, when rest of the members entered living room.

"Isse hospital lejana parega." He didn't stopped for anyone's answer, picking her up once again he was out of the house.

"Let me drive." Zaydan came before he could open the driver's door. Nodding his head in trance he occupied the passenger's seat while glancing every now and than towards Hayam who was laying in the back seat lifelessly.

"Sab meri galati hai." Tausif once again pulled off his hairs in frustration. Zaydan glanced at him sideways but didn't utter a word for now. Shukar Allah! Inam wasn't at home. Only Allah knows how they would have handled her.


"I told her to be away from any type of stress. Didn't she informed any of you?" The doctor looked visible stressed for the person who deal with diseases 24/7.

"You mean, she had been here before?" Tausif asked with scrunched eyebrows.

"Yes! She visited me a week ago I think. And I warned her about the risks of her health."

"What do you mean?"

"She is suffering from infarction, it means her brain is not having enough supply of blood. It can even lead to haemorrhage if not taken care of!"

He went numb at the sudden information. He couldn't hear what doctor said next. All he could hear was a loud whistle as Zaydan beside him started to shout at him but it all appeared to be blur.

After a minute or two his senses came back...bringing him in cruel reality. Dashing out of the door he ran out of the hospital ignoring the calls of his family behind him.

He was running blindly out of the hospital when someone pushed him forcefully away from stepping on road...as soon as he straightened up a slap was smashed across his face.

"Pagal ho gaya hai? Marne ka irada hai kya?" It was Daniyal. As soon as he stepped doen from his car he saw Tausif running like a mad man without any awareness about his surroundings.

"Ha to marna de na mujhe. Wo bhi to mar hi rahi hai...uske pehle mai mar jaunga kyuki mai nahi dekh sakta usse marte hue." He shouted loudly and next second he was engulfed in a tight hug as his cries muffled in Daniyal's shoulder.

"Bhai..." he cried like a child was informed that he can't have his favourite ice cream for the rest of his life.

"Sshhh...its ok...sab thik ho jayega..." Daniyal said every word in the world existing for consoling someone.


"Her brain is not having enough supply of blood." Tausif was sat on the garden's bench accompanied by Daniyal as he started saying in a trance. "It may lead to haemorrhage. With her minimal chances of living." A tear leaked out of his left eye...describing the intensity of pain he was going through.

"We havn't even lived a day together...and it has already come to this. It was the reason she was going to deny the proposal. She didn't wanted me to get attached to her more than I already was." He wiped away the tears which were constantly flowing out of his eyes.

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