Talab-e-Ishq (5)

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Anabiya stood in front of the mirror looking at her appearance. It was first time she was taking time to get ready, to actually look presentable. And the reason was unknowingly known to her, which she herself didn't want to acknowledge.

Sighing she picked up her sling bag and left her room.

"Maa where is Bhai?" She shouted from living area while wearing her sandals.

"He already left. You are late today. Go with driver chacha." Hooriya replied while shouting from kitchen.

"Okay Maa. Bye. Allah hafiz."

It wasn't even half hour when peon came and started arranging a table and chair similar to her's just next to hers.

"May I ask why you are doing this?" Workers stopped abruptly at her strong voice.

"Sorry Mam. We didn't informed you. Actually, Sir has ordered us to arrange this table as you will share this office from now on." The worker said making Anabiya confused.

"Share the office? But with whom?"

"I think someone is coming to join you in the project you are working on." By the time he finished his explanation as much as he knows he left the room with her permission leaving Biya in dilemma.

He is the one who will join me in this project...that means he will sit beside for the whole day...no way...

She got up on her feet immediately rushing to her brother's office. And without knocking she pushed opened the door.

"Bhaaiii..I am telling you. I don't want him to accompany me whole day. You know we don't get along each other. How co..." her sentence died down when she noticed her brother glaring her way and realised that Daniyal wasn't alone. As soon as she stopped, the person sitting infront of Daniyal turned around making her breath to hitch in her throat as charcoal black orbs collided with honey browns.

Their he was sitting royally not an ounce bit bothered by her presence while her heart was on a roller coaster ride.

Daniyal cleared his throat to get their attention making Ahad turn back to his original position and Anabiya to flinch.

"Umm...sorry Bhaai. I thought you were alone. I will come afterwards."

"Biya Wait."
She was about to step back whe  Daniyal stopped her making her grumble under her breath as to why did she didn't knock before entering. What must be he thinking about her? When did you cared about anyone's thought Anabiya? Gather yourself. He is just Ahad.

Giving herself a pep talk she turned around. "Ji Bhai?"

"Come sit here. As you already saw Ahad is here. Let me brief about the project and than show him the details." Nodding her head obediently she sat next to him.

As Daniyal started saying, she couldn't concentrate on his voice rather than someone sitting beside her who seems to ignore her, not even sparing her a glance.

His masculine scent filled her nostrils making her inhale sharply.

She came out of her head when Daniyal banged his hand on the table infront of her and shouting her name making her flinch.

"Where are you? I have been calling you since ever." She looked up at him to see his eyebrows scrunched in fear.
"What happened? Are you fine?" Daniyal asked yet again.

Biya looked at him and then turned towards Ahad whose eyes instantly went blank. But Biya was sure she saw slightest bit of concern in them before he masked away.

"I am sorry. You guys can continue. I will detail him afterwards. I need some air." Saying she didn't wait to hear his reply and sprinted out of the office as if on fir.

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