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We are as equal as the teeth of the comb, Musawat. [Equality.]

Their was everything in The Quran which pulled her towards it for a never ending journey.❤

Ilhaam. Nothing before my name and nothing after. I didn't have anything. So I wrote a story. My own story.

Safdar Hamdani. Everything was in his name. Imaan. Business. Power. Aura. Looks. Money. Except love.

Azferene Wajahat. Life was cruel to her. But she was the patient one. It had taken her years of infighting to reach her present exalted rank.

Haroon Yazdani. A man who had been betrayed, and made him someone who won't trust anyone anymore.

One basic element in the value system of Islam is the principle of equality or equity. This value of equality is not to be mistaken for or confused with identicalness or stereotype. Islam teaches that in the sight of Allah Almighty, all people are equal, but they are not necessarily identical. There are differences of abilities, potentials, ambitions, wealth and so on.

Man and woman are equal because they are created from the same source and created at the same time by the same God. They have the same parents and so they are brothers and sisters, Shariati. Women and men are equally responsible for all the instructions given in the Qur-an.

The difference comes in the degree of patience when a soul is tested by Allah.

It is a tale beyond feelings. It is a journey of four souls, souls loved by Allah...cause it is said that the one who is most loved by Allah is the one who is most tested by him.

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