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One year later...

Anabiya was now successfully graduated and now was working as an intern under her father and brother. This past year was the most difficult phase of her life. But it was all in past now. It wasn't a second that she didn't missed him. He was with her every memory, every moment.

Daniyal and Daneen's relationship was going smoothly. They were living best time of their lives. From giving her ride to college to having late night talks with her, it was all like a dream come true for Daniyal. Daneen had forgave him with all her heart when one night he had arranged a candle night dinner for her. Daniyal was so happy that he spinned her around gathering her in his arms.

Anabiya smiled at the thought of her brother and sister-in-law. They were an idol couple anyone would wish to be. Everytime she think about it she sent numerous duas at them. But no matter how much she controlled herself, she always imagined herself and Ahad in the same phase.

She came out of her thoughts when Nilofer clicked her hands infront of her bringing her to the real world.
"Kaha khoyi hai ap? Mai kabse apko awaz de rahi hu."

"Kuch nahi. Tum batao? Konsa dress select kiya?" She smiled at her cousin and looking at the dress in her hand.

It was Taha and Dua's marriage next month, so the designer was called on home itself so that it will be convinient for all of them.

"Mujhe samaj nahi araha yeh pink wala lu ya Marhoon wala. Ap bataye na..." she whined a little at last.

"...tumhare upar ye pink zada acha lagega..." after analysing both the dresses Biya suggested her.

"Ok. Thank you." Hugging Biya tightly Nilofer kissed her cheek.

"Hey! Lofer. Whats up?" Nilofer scowled at the boy sitting on the armrest of Biya's chair.

"Ceiling Moose. Idiot." She was quick in answering back.

"Waise tumhe na kapdo se zada joote dekhne chahiye. Lofers suit you." Musa said while munching on apple.

"Shut up. Moosy." Nilofer threw a dupatta picking up randomly.

"Achaa busss kardo tum dono." Anabiya had to intervent or less she could see the fight coming.

"Maa?" Biya called her mother. "Please select for me? I know nothing about this." Biya said with a pout.

"Ok. Take a rest. You must be tired." Hooriya said knowing her condition.

As soon as her head hit the pillow and she closed her eyelids, his face flashed through her memory. A very beautiful memory.

She sighed as the thought of facing him sent chill down her spine. She didn't knew if he would come or not. Cause it was his brother's wedding and it was delayed due to his absence.

Not wanting to drain herself she shook her head and closed her eyes and started counting from one to hundred. She didn't realised when sleep consumed her.


Daneen jumped on her place as a hand sneaked through her waist. She turned around only to come face to face with her dear husband with a boyish grin decorating his face as he came close to her. It was his hobby nlw a days to sneak on her. Wether she was studying or sleeping. Or like now making late night coffee.

"Ap kyu itna chupke se aate hai?" She demanded answer and slammed her hand on his chest.

"Because I love the way you get startle and then smile widely at me." Daniyal said cornering her as she feed him a sip of her coffee. "Kya hua? Kuch pareshani hai?" He asked when she didn't replied to his flirting.

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