Talab-e-Ishq (3)

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Daniyal was sitting with his Father and chachoo's in the living room of Jahangir Haveli. Apparantly, his phoopu Mirha came here to talk to her brothers about her eldest son's proposal.

Taha always had a soft corner for Dua, Fajar's daughter. Before going to Fajar's house with the proposal she wanted to take her parent's as well as Zaydan's approval. Although she knew they won't object. Youngsters were all in their schools or colleges.

They were talking freely and laughing simultaenously on Ahmer's stupid jokes when suddenly Zaydan's mobile ringtone grabbed their attention.

"Hello?" He answered the call casually. And next second stood up abruptly as the call hang up from the other side.

"Baba? Kya hua? Sab thik hai na?" Daniyal asked reading his father's expression.

And next second pin drop silence engulfed the haveli listening to what Zaydan said followed by Mirha's agonized scream.


She was struggling to swallow her still beating heart. It has been three hours since she was sitting here, like a statue after telling her family what had taken place outside the university. The only thing active in her body was tear gland. Her tears weren't stopping at any cost.

Immense greif, pain, guilt, upset and hate. Most of all she hated herself for an upteenth time since last three hours as her brain replayed what happened few hours ago.


Busy in her thoughts she didn't realised a car coming towards her until a horn blowed loudly but it was too late to move away.

She closed her eyes ready to feel the impact. But rather than getting hit by the car she was pushed away from the road on the footpath.

As soon as Ahad saw a car rushing towards Anabiya he got into action. Pushing Anabiya away he was about to run himself but it was too late. Before he could run away the car hit his side profile with so much force that he went flying away to another side making Anabiya shriek in surprise.

Getting up with a jerk she ran towards him ignoring her own bruises due to falling.

"Ahad...ahad. please open your eyes. See I am with you. Please open your eyes. Ahad. Somebody please call the ambulance." She didn't knew who called the ambulance and how with shivering hands she informed Zaydan about the accident.

She just knew that the man laying unconscious in front of her can't leave her like that. She won't let him leave her.

Her family reached hospital as soon as Ahad was taken away for treatment.


She came out of the trance when Hoor shook her slightly. Looking around herself she realised that almost all her cousins as well as elders were present their. She bowed her head down in guilt. She was the cause of their grief. She was the cause of his accident.

"Biya beta. Apko bhi chot lagi hai. Dekho blood bhi clot ho gaya hai. Ajao iski dressing karwa lete hai. Zid chod do beta." But she refused. Refused to move away from her place.

"Biya dekho mai Doctor se baat karke aaraha hu. Ahad bilkul thik ho jayega." Zaydan whispered lovingly patting her head.

"Baba...unhe kaha chot ayi hai?" That was the first thing she asked after uttering them about the incident. Zaydan sighed and captured the place beside her.

"His right side is injured. Hand or ribs ko treat kar liya hai lekin leg ka operation abhi hua hai. Jaldi hosh ajayega." Zaydan said hugging her sideways.

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