Talab-e-Ishq (13)

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A long chapter after a long time. Enjoy.

"Ap yaha kya kar rahe hai?" Namira kept her hands on her hips and glared at Tausif while Zunera and Nilofer copied her actions on either side of her, making Tausif gulp.

"Aree kyu dara rahe ho bache ko apne asli roop me aakar?" Just then, Tauqueer came and dangled his hand on Tausif's shoulder.

"Aj ye nahi chalega Bhai. Ham keh rahe hai apse." Zunera shot him a glare.

"Aree meri pyari behno." He pinched Nilofer's cheek cheekily. "Aj ka dulha hai ye. Ab milne bhi do isse apni dulhan se, kal ko nikah ho jayega to aisi exvitement nahi rahegi. Kyu kabab me haddi ban rahi ho."

"Ap..." they were about to reject when Tauqueer forwarded his hand with three ice cream cones for each one of them. And his innocent sisters reluctantly agreed. But as soon as he began to follow his brother,

"Ap kaha chale?" Zunera stopped him from entering.

"Meri bhi to dulhan hai na andar." He reasoned out.

"Ji bilkul hai. Lekin aap ki rukhsati nahi honi kal. To ap sabr karle." Saying they were already through their ice creams standing between him and the door.

"Ye to na-insafi hai. Maine di tum log ko ice cream or tum log mujhe hi..." he went on and on about their injustice while his sisters ignored him royally as if he wasn't even present there.

Too much for meeting the shorty! His innocent sisters were not so innocent after all.


"To bataiye? Kya urgent kaam tha?" A shawl was wrapped around her figure as she walked into the space of the terrace and towards him who was sitting on the swing.

"Kuch nahi...bas aise hi...baat karne ka dil chah raha tha." He flashed his dimpled smile, the only difference between him and Tausif.

"Aise Hi? Aise Hi? Aise Hi nind kharab kardi apne meri? Apko pata bhi hai mai subah se kitna thak gayi hu...or ab ap keh rahe hain aise hi?" She whispered, yelled.

"Ha to kya ho gaya? Kal nikah hone wala hai hamara. Mil nahi sakta mai apni dulhan se?" Inam was baffled at his words. Sure they were getting married, but neither of them ever talked about it. It was the first time Tauqueer mentioned this thing in between them.

"Ap...aa...ap...mil sakte hai...m...maine kab mana kiya?" Barely controlling her tongue from stuttering she bought her usual self back.

"To fir aise kyu keh rahi ho?"

"Kya kaha maine?"

"Ke maine tumhari nind kharab kardi."

"Ha to mai sach me so nahi paa rahi itne dino se."

"Meri wajah se?"

"Ha to or kya? Mai apke hi baare me soch..." Inam kept her hand on her mouth instantly to stop her tongue from saying anything more.

"Kya?" Tauqueer's happiness knew no bounds. "Tum mere baare me sochti ho? Waise kya sochti ho? Ke mai kitna handsome hu? Kitna acha hu?"

"Ha. Sochti hu na. Yahi ke iss bewakoof ke sath ab sari zindagi guzarna parega. Or is aadmi se ab mujhe koi nahi chuda sakta. Or is shaks ki wajah se..." her words stuck in her throat as he took a step dangerously slow towards her.

"Ha bolo? Or kya kya sochti ho mere bare me?" His eyes shone under the moonlight making them stand out on his fair skin.

"Yahi...yahi ke...aap bahut bure hai... aur Aapi ki wajah se mujhse shadi ke liye tayar ho gaye." She whispered.

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