Talab-e-Ishq (17)

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"You are pregnant."

Out of the worst possible scenarios, that was not what Hayam expected him to say after he had came with the reports with his neutral mode on. Maybe her time wasn't left much? But this?

"You weren't taking those pills? Were you?" She trembled with the hurt visible in his voice.


"Not a word Hayam. Enough is enough!" He was trying so hard not to shout at her. "All I wanted was to get as much more time as I can with you. But you straight away walked yourself to death. If you so much wanted to leave me alone than all you had to do was ask! As soon as you would have said those words I would have walked out because at least I would have known that you are fine. You are alive!" He raked his hand through his hairs. "You knew that Doctor said it might be dangerous. Heck! I didn't even wanted to touch you in the beginning! But you insisted! You promised! You said you won't miss a single pill!" He crushed the reports in his hand and threw it away in anger while he said those words.

"Please..." she shut her eyes close in desperation for him to listen. Tausif closed his eyes for a second to regain his senses. But how could he? How? When she herself was so adamant on getting herself killed?

She was about to say something but he turned around and left her alone.



He had some exam related work so he was working late. But what he didn't expect was seeing her in the parking lot when it was nearly going to be two hours since the university closed.

"What are you still doing here?" Namira Jahangir was everything but a coward, and that was what frightened him the most.

"I wanted to talk to you." The slight tremble in her voice didn't go unnoticed by him.

"Was it this important that you are staying back this late alone?" He gritted his teeth in frustration. But he couldn't himself understand the reason behind his fury. Was it because she was alone strayed in the vast lands of university or was it because she stayed up for him?

"If important in your dictionary means on the verge of death and life. Than yes! It is important."


"What about your friends?" With specs on her nose, blocking his view from her eyes she sat there like everything belonged to herself anywhere she sat.

"I don't have friends!"

"But you do have a friend." She pointed out making him glare at the way she looked smug about her knowledge.

"You don't know anything! Don't think high of yourself just so you know about something I don't want you to know." He gritted his teeth.

"Then tell me something I should know. Tell me about your childhood."

"Huh! As if!" He scoffed looking away as he slapped his hand on the armrest of the plush sofa he sat on. "Why would I want to talk to you of all people?"

"Because you want to have peace. You want to take that burden off your chest to live like a normal person. And this is the only option you have if you don't want to burden your family with your sufferings." The slight uncomfortable expression wasn't unnoticed by Zunera as she seem to have plug in the right spot.

"I have been living with this burden for the most of my life. I am used to it. So it won't make any difference."

"If you are used to it doesn't mean that you deserve it." Zunera said looking down at her notepad before looking up. "Everyone has there battles Mr. Mohtashim. And the way they handle it is what makes them stronger. And accepting everything is not what every matter demands from you. Maybe Allah wants to see how you fight against your demons instead of surrendering to them. And even if you won't accomplish your goal or outrun your fears, you will be at peace. Knowing that at least you fought them back, you will find your inner peace." Mohtashim Anwar was anything but a good listener. But why was he listening to her? "I don't want to admit but, letting it all out in front of me, a stranger is far better than talking to someone you know."

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