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Eid al adha mubarak to you all❤

May allah bless you with the best, remove the worst and make the good accompany you...🌠

So here is the new story with a new beginning with lots and lots of to come! After tears, happiness. After agony, laughter and after every pain, a relief!

Mahv-e-Hairat which means Lost in Wonder!

Mahv-e-Hairat which means Lost in Wonder!

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Short stories with full mirch and masala!

Daadi ki full struggle waali kahaniya kisko yaad nahi aati, 😔
Dada ki pocket money, has its own perks!😎
Ammi ke hath ka taste, jisse khaane ke liye we would happily accept her jooti,😏
Abbu ke experience bhare kisse...jisse sune bina raat ko nind hi nahi aati,😇
Behen ke sarcastic replies jo ab jald hi udne waali hai,👰🏻
with bhai ka chedna plus uske saste kaam karna.🤑

Social media me aise ghul gaye ham!
Pata hi nahi chala kab bade ho gaye ham!🤳🏻

Epic love stories with happiness after pain, with laughter after tears!
Happy endings after the new beginning!

Lost in wonder with me in this beautiful emotions all at one place!

P.S.: This love stories might be cliche😉

So as you know this is the cluster of short stories with a different theme.

In this I would be writing love stories but the bonds higlighted will be of different kind.

That will be detailed in next chapter.

Update schedule: I will be keeping targets at the end of every chapter, so that I won't lack behind in updating and get inspiration through my readers.😌. (Talab-e-Ishq readers know how often I face writer's block)

Do give this book a chance, I am sure you won't regret!

Introduction and prologue has already been published!

Just like Aas-e-Ishq's readers inspired me to complete that book and now I am even on its sequel...I need you guys through this journey too...

Next chapter will be updated by monday In sha allah, thank you so much for keeping up with my writer's block.

I love you all...❤


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