Talab-e-Ishq (10)

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"BABAAAAA". She was going out of control not seeing her father beside her, when she woke up that morning. "BABAAAAAAA..." "BABAAAAAAA..."

She brushed away her maa's hand who tried to grab her but failed miserably. "Parishey? Baba abhi ajayege beta...please chup ho jao..."

"DUR HATEE...HATH MAT LAGAYE MUJHE...APNE KYU JAANE DIYA UNHE? AP DUR KAR DEGI UNHE MUJHSE. DUR RAHEE..." She shouted accusingly but the elder one didn't mind, cause it is what was happening as long as she could remember.

"Pari dekho Baba aane hi wale hoge...beta please meri baat sunlo..."

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH..." She closed her eyes keeping her hands in her ears tightly as she shouted on top of her lungs.

Just than her Baba, who seem to come back from masjid entered their room.

"Pari?" His heart broke at her sight. Listening her name from that particular voice made her open her eyes and remove her hands from her ears as she looked up at her everything with tears in her eyes and pout on her lips.

"Ap kaha chale gaye the?" She sniffed while hugging his legs but pulled away when he didn't reciprocated her hug breaking her heart.

"Is this the way to talk to your elders? Specially your Maa?" His look was stern at her as she looked up at her Maa from under her lashes, but looked down next instance with guilt gripping her heart.

But before she could apologise for her mistake...her Maa turned away and left the room making her heart to beat loudly while weighing the consequences of her actions.

"Maa please..." before she could close the door behind her, she grabbed her dupatta and made a pout at her, for she was sure that it would melt her heart for her.

"Please naa...I won't do it again... I promise...I won't act like this again." She said looking down while fidgeting with her Maa's dupatta.

"Promise?" The other one asked while looking at her sideways.

"Pakka wala promise!" The little girl exclaimed finally getting back to her child self instead of acting like a mature one which circumstances made her. Doing a pinky promise with her Maa, she ran away back to her Baba who had his arms open for the little girl, the only girl who had his heart wrapped around her pinky finger from the day she flourished in her mother's womb.

"Ap kaha chale gaye the?" Detaching away from his warm embrace she asked.

"Apko pata hai na Baba roz subah kaha jaate hai?"

"NAMAZ." She slapped her head at her stupidity and than smiled sheepishly at her Baba. "Chorry." Making a cute guilty expression was only way to win her Baba's heart. And she would make it sure each and every time to take over her Baba's heart.

"You want to sleep again?" He asked, moving his fingers in her tangled hair.

"No. But you can sleep and I might go to Abbu to disturb his sleep." She giggled mischeively behind her small chubby hands.

"I would love that." He winked at her. Parishay kissed his cheek and ran away to the room beside theirs.

He sighed as she closed the door behind her...the smile that she draw on his perfect features finally rubbed off. As he stared into oblivion...reminscing the old days when is was the only expression his beautiful face would show the world...but not anymore...cause now his little princess was the only one reserved for it.

For the person who use to be the reason behind his smile, vanished into the thin air...for never to return...giving him the most beautiful gift ever...which he would protect with his life till he will breath his last.

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