Talab-e-Ishq (6)

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Ringtone echoed in the silent room making them to come in their senses and pull away abruptly.

Biya's face paled, thinking of what she did. Even if he started, she responded too. It was wrong. So much wrong. It was haram. Tears brimmed her eyes thinking of her parents. They trusted her enough to let her be independent, but she broke their trust. And she hated herself for it.

Ahad stood their still in shock of his own action when he noticed her expressions. He knew what she must be thinking.

So taking a step towards her he tried to touch her hand in order to console but she jerked his hand away.

"Don't touch me. You are disgusting. Don't you dare touch me. I hate you. I hate you so much. Cause you always makes me hate myself. You make me hate myself." Giving accusing glances towards him she wiped her tears harshly and picking up her phone which was still ringing with her bag she stormed out of the office like a princess whose father owned this place.

But princess always wish to be someone's Queen.


I hate you. I hate you so much. Cause you always makes me hate myself. You make me hate myself.

Ahad sat on his chair when her words rewinded yet again in his mind.

No matter what he couldn't take out that voice from his ears.

He promised himself that he won't fell weak in front of her. He will leisurely ignore her. But how wrong he was. He betrayed his ownself just by taking a glance towards her. Only he and his Allah knows how much he controlled himself not to run towards her and engulf her in a bear hug.

He noticed how changed she looked. She was no more that chubby easy going girl who always have a smile on her face.

Her cheeks were sunken. It looked like she had lost so much wait. Not to mention her under eyes which she abled to hide from make up but not from his gaze.

He sighed leaning back. He had decided before coming back to ignore her fully. But when fate was on his side ever? But one thing triggered him to no extent. That why didn't she came to meet him after he survived the accident while saving her? Was she that heartless? Or her heart turned into stone only for him. Giving himself a pep talk he decided to ignore her at all cost and will be really professional with her.

But what about the kiss?

His subconscious mocked him making him drawn in guilt. How can he lose his control on her? How can he let that happen? He was now regretting coming here in first place and accepting to work with her secondly. Ufff...why did I lost my control, he sighed rubbing his face tiredly.

Cause she was looking damn pretty in black colour. Which brings out her eyes. Not to mention her beautiful hairs. And what about her lavish lip...
His subconscious started again when he abruptly shouted.

"Stop right there!" Making Daniyal stop midway to enter his office.

"I have to ask now to enter my sister's office and that also from you!" Daniyal asked in stern voice throwing daggers at him. Ahad removed his hands from his ears which he attempted to block his subconscious.

"I wasn't talking to you." He replied, sobering up a little.

"I can't see anyone else here." Daniyal said looking around. "Where is Biya?"

"She went home." He said ignoring his first comment.

"Why?" Daniyal asked making him shrug in annoyance.

"Are you here to interrogate me?" He asked narrowing his eyes at him.

"No. I am here to invite you. Their is dinner at our place for your arrival. Phuppo asked you to come directly." Ahad nodded in return sinking in the information, when Daniyal threw another question at him. "Can I ask you something?"

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