Talab-e-Ishq (18)

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"Don't you think you are becoming a little aloof from your family? That there is a big drift between you and them? Which is increasing day by day?" She asked when Mohtashim didn't utter a word even after they were served with their order which consisted of just a tea from his side and a whole bunch of "breakfast" as she called it after exchanging pleasantries.

"It is! And I think that is why you are hired." He jabbed but she was unbothered as she took a huge bite from her extra buttered pav bhaji very inhumanely but the way she moaned taking in the flavours as she bit into it, he had a strong urge to pull her dish towards him and savour it just like she did.

She nodded her head up and down agreeing with his statement. "But I can't help you unless you want to help yourself. And considering that this meeting is set up by you, you are not very far away."

"You don't know what you are missing out on. Do you think whatever happened to you is your parent's fault?" She cross questioned him.

"Of course not! They didn't know anything!" He exasperated.

"Why?" She asked, looking at him attentively assessing his expressions.

"What?" He was confused.

"Why didn't they know? Why didn't you tell them?" He was silent at her words as he looked away.

"Because...sh...she was my...my Father's Sister." Finally he was opening up to her, up to someone he didn't imagine he would trust easily.

Zunera tried to keep her professionalism in check by keeping her face straight but it was so hard when the person in front of her was passing through a havoc of emotions. And then his next sentence entirely broke her heart into pieces because that wasn't something she expected someone so close to relation can do.


"Do inform me when you land there, Ahad and Anabia will be coming to pick you up. Okay? Don't wander around there and keep us updated about your location." Safiya, Sahaan's Mother was freaking out while sending her only daughter seven seas apart as quoted by her.

"Mammaa! Baba is going with me! And he will make sure that I settle in comfortably? Right?" Sahaan coaxed her mother when it should have been vice-versa.

"All the more reason for me to stress!" Sahaan laughed as her Mother shot a warning glare at her Father teasingly.

"We would be getting late now, Safi. I think the past week of your warnings and the list of things to do is sufficient." Ahmer couldn't help but teased back making her laugh at the cute frown of her Mother. She was going to miss this. She was going to miss her Home.

Speaking of Home, she wandered her eyes throughout the lobby where everyone stood to see her off after meeting her individually and she finally caught his face in the crowd of people she called her family. He came an hour ago to meet her alone and had given a gift that she was to open once she landed there. Amidst the chaos his heart was beating with, his eyes held warmth and gentleness as he took her in as much as he could before she departed.

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