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I am writing the next chapter. But...I won't be publishing it unless and until I get at least 100 comments and 130 votes on today's chapter. These is the least I could accept from 300+ reads so far on the chapter. I tell you all always, I want to keep writing this story but you all's lack of attention dishearten and discourages me.

No one even bothered to answer my questions! Even when I asked everyone's suggestion!

Even if you disliked some scene, or if you think the story is getting boring, comment it. Constructive criticism will be appreciated. And I will try to improve myself.

But if this continues, I am sorry to say, I may unpublish this sequel.

For a writer, in many ways reader can be an inspiration, if want to be!

I accept, I got very late to give an update, but it was because of lack of an Inspiration!

Because the only Comments I got was a request for an update.

Fun fact: If there was enough comments and votes, you all wouldn't have to ask for updates.

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