Talab-e-Ishq (7)

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"I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO TALK ABOUT JUST TELL HIM TO LEAVE. LEAVE OUT OF MY VISION BEFORE I DIG HIS GRAVE RIGHT HERE." She screamed so loudly that her throat parched while Daniyal tried to calm her down very thankful for the soundproof walls of the room where he dragged them.

"Shhh...look at me." Biya looked up at her brother with blood shot red eyes while tears threatened to come out of them. "Breath in. Breath out. Okay. What are the 99 names of Allah? Hmm. You remembered right? Speak with me." He was coaxing her like he use to when she use to be a small toddler and blabber to him about the injustice whole world did to her.

They began reciting The Creator's names making peaceful environment to fall over them. She could only whisper first but as Daniyal spoke confidently, she began to find her voice making Ahad to close his eyes listening her delicate yet firm voice reciting the most beautiful names out of the world.

Complete silence fell over them after they completed, tears gathered in Anabiya's eyes but she brushed them immediately when Ahad decided to break the silence.

"I know, I shouldn't have informed you like this. But this is what the truth is. It was a shock for me also. I only came to know a day before the accident happened. We were nikahfied when you was three and I was five. I don't know why I didn't remember this but that day in college, I wanted to tell you as soon as possible, but fate didn't gave me chance to tell you. After the accident I thought that you hate me, when you didn't came to meet me." He took a deep breath while looking at her playing with her fingers as if she could be anywhere but here, but he knew she was listening to him. He gulped down the emotions restraining it to flow from his eyes.

"I...I didn't want to hurt you. I thought if I go away from here that will be the best for both of us. You wouldn't have to see my annoying face everyday and it will be easy for me to forget you." He scoffed at his own sentence knowing how wrong he was. "But it didn't happened Biya. I couldn't forget you. I can't ever. I know it is my fault. I don't know why everyone hid it from us but I shouldn't have told you such a big thing in a heat of an argument and I am sorry. I got angry when I saw you with another man knowing you are still mine." After explaining his part he waited. Waited for her to speak something. Anything. To lash out her anger at him. To beat him. To say that how wrong he was. But it never came. Never. Daniyal was still sitting beside her with his arm around her shoulder giving her all the support she needed. It felt like she wasn't feeling anything, like all her emotions were turned off never to feel them again. How beautiful it would be if it would have been possible.

"Leave me alone." That was all she said after all what Ahad explained making his heart to crumble into pieces never to reform again, he knew she needed space.

Daniyal kissed her forehead and left them alone.

Ahad kneeled infront of her making her go rigid at her place. "Mai bevakuf tha jo tumse dur chala gaya. Mujhe marna, mujhpe chillana, jo saza chaho suna dena leking please mujhse dur na jana. Kyu ki agar is baar mujhe thokar lagi to direct dil par lagegi or is baar mai shayad hi zinda bach saku." Saying he kissed her cold hands and stood up to leave.


"Why did they do this? And even after doing all this they hid it from me." Daneen was listening to her from past half an hour conplaining how unfair her own parents are. It had been a week, a week since it all happened. A week since she came to know about her hidden marriage. A week since she is gathering her own thoughts but is seem to be never ending.

"Its okay. They must have some reason behind it." Daneen tried to reason with her. "Give them a chance to explain themself."

"I won't. How dare they. And after all this they kept it away from me. The least they would have done was to keep me informed." Daneen gasped at her accusations.

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