Talab-e-Ishq (15)

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I have only one word...SORRY!

Out of all the things Zunera imagined, this was beyond her expectations in all aspects. She didn't imagine herself standing in front of the one storey house keeping in mind the influential background this particular family had. They were more liberal than her own. More affluent than that, she imagined she would be standing in front of a giant mansion with guards on either side of the gate, workers huddling around, vast land of green spread across till your vision goes, an intricate exterior as well as interior that will leave her spell bound. But here she was, standing in front of one of The Richest Families of the State. 

One storey house. A small and beautiful garden, no workers or guards nor an intricate exterior. A simple house which was close to the feeling of home.

A middle aged woman came from behind the doors, opening it widely for her, beckoning her inside as though was expecting her presence. After the pleasant greetings, they settled comfortably in the living room of their small home.

"I am Zunera Jahangir. The Psychi..."

"Yeah. Yeah. I know. Skip the formalities." Zunera looked at the woman from under her lashes. 

She was a beautiful lady not more than forty seven complimenting the sea green cotton silk suit very well with her fair skin tone, her hairs in a loose braid while some peeked out from the dupatta she settled on her head. Her smile was as bright as the sun but her dark black eyes lacked the same enthusiasm.

"But he is not at home right now. I remembered sending his schedule so as to not overlap the timings." Her voice was as smooth as silk but has an underlying authority to it. Indicating, even if things were not good she was still standing like a rock against hardships.

"Yeah Mrs. Anwar. I wanted to talk about something regarding my work." Giving a glance to the lady she kept the glass of water back on the glass tea table and cleared her throat. "It's just that I have a different way of handling my patients. And before confronting him directly, I was hoping to know his daily routine and about his behaviour and all from his family members." 

"That's okay beta. And we would be glad to help you as much as we can in hope to get our old son back." Than she went on and on telling Zunera everything and anything about him, his schedule, routine, likes and dislikes except his past. And she didn't even want to hear it from her, it was his past to disclose. 

Wanting her to be comfortable with sharing, Zunera too started sharing her own siblings and cousins telling her something about everyone keeping at bay without filling in any secrets.

By the end of the conversation she was very much comfortable with her.

"Okay Mrs. Anwar. I will take your leave now. Thank you for giving me your time." Dusting her hands she stood up along with her.

"Just call me Aunty. And it was nice talking to you too." And surprisingly enough she took her in a brief hug.


"She says she doesn't want to hate me in the future for being a barrier between her dreams." Shahmir said with a sigh.

"Sahaan is right Shahmir. And instead of forcing her to stay, you should support her for going on." Daniyal said after a brief pause when Shahmir was done narrating his problem. "Girls are very sensitive in this matter, Shahmir. Wo ruk bhi jayegi agar tum ek aur baar bhi usse kahoge rukne ke liye, without complaining ever. But will you find peace thinking that she wasn't able to achieve her dreams because of you?"

Shahmir was silent. He didn't have any words either as he looked at the backyard standing in the balcony of Daniyal's room.

"Love is selfless, Shahmir. Waiting for her will make your love even stronger. And it will be the best feeling, trust me on this. Let her happily go for now. Rest trust in Allah's plan, he is the best of the planners. Maybe this distance will make you more important in her eyes."

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