Talab-e-Ishq (19)

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As for those who abuse believing men and women unjustifiably, they will definitely bear the guilt of slander and blatant sin. [Surah Ahzab, Ayat: 58]

He came out of the cell breathing in relief as the sunlight fell on him after what felt like decades but had only been seven days. Was this the feeling when someone accuses you of something you didn't do? Was this the reason that Allah has forbidden us from accusing someone unjustly? 

He shook his head to clear his thoughts as he saw his Lawyer coming towards him along with his father. His father quickly enveloped him in a hug, letting go as Constables pushed him away making him clench his teeth and fist together as to not create a scene or give a hint to prove his innocence otherwise. 

He was never going to fall in a trap called love, again!

He yet again shook his head to clear his thoughts, a habit he developed in the past week. And due to the circumstances, he assumed it was going to be like this for a long time.

Forgetting that as much as abusing unjustly is a sin, na-umeedi is kufr just as much.

But was he to be blamed for thinking like that? When you are falsely arrested for a ... Murder?


"Namira has agreed to the proposal." Zara (Namira's mother) said to her Husband Hamza.

"Which proposal?" The tube light in his head had a switch on with his wife's stare. "Oh..haaa...ha. Yes! Umm...I think I will discuss it with Zaydan Bhai and all and call them over." 

"Ye thik rahega. We shouldn't delay in case of a good proposal." 

"I think, if things accelerate, it will be a good celebration before Taya Jaan's family (Here Hamza's Taya Jaan is Zaydan's Deceased Father) moves out.

"Hmm...my best friend will be gone from here." After living almost 25 years of their lives together, she couldn't imagine anything without her.

"Ha. Bohot dur jo ja rahi hai. Ap to mil hi nahi sakegi na unse." Sarcasm was dripping from his tone, making her frustrated.

"Ha to it won't be like before na...agar wo piche wale ghar me bhi ja rahi hai lekin ghar to alag hi honga na." Zara was adamant on proving him otherwise.

"Ha bhai ap jeeti, mai hara! Bas? Khush?" Hamza joined his hands in front of her playfully, making her laugh.



Today was the day of the week when everyone compulsorily attends family dinner, no one was allowed to back out and no excuses were considered. It was refreshing for everyone as well as necessary as it was barely a day in an entire week where everyone got time to eat together.

But this time, it was different. Daneen was only left acknowledged by Daniyal after the request she made. Shahmir was not himself, because it was the first dinner where Sahaan wasn't present and the thought that there were many more to come this way was not settling with him.

Tauqueer, Inam and Zunera were in a conversation, arguing over something while Tausif made sure Hayam had enough food on her plate. The trio of Nilofer, Musa and Yusuf was surprisingly broken today as Musa had some college work and couldn't come, otherwise it was an unspoken thing that Musa was a part of Family Dinner as a ritual. Nilofer and Yusuf's banter could be heard now and then, but everyone could say they were missing their Crime Partner.

On the other hand, there was she, who in the huge family no one noticed that she didn't eat properly. She felt like she would probably throw up anytime now. And she was glad no one noticed her somehow until now.

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