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Y/N's PO.V.:

Finally, the end of my shift has come. I get to go home, eat, and catch up on some sleep. Teahyung had ended his shift an hour ago but I stayed a bit. I told the nurses I would be leaving and they said good night. I went to my locker and took off my coat and scrubs. I then got my own things and left. My shift was long but it was a good shift. I walked back to my apartment since I didn't live far from the hospital. As soon as I arrived in my apartment I took a very well-needed shower. After my shower, I was about to cook some food when I heard my phone go off. It was Jungkook.

JK: Hey, want to join me and my friends for some drinks?

Y/n: No thank you. I just got home from my shift and kind of worn out, thank you for the offer!

JK: want me to bring you some food? I know you are probably hungry.

Y/n: No, I'm fine, I was about to cook. No worries. Thank you though!

JK: I am coming, either way, So don't cook. Also I'm bringing two of my friends that way you can have more friends! Also, send me your address because how can I bring you food without an address :)

Y/n: yeah, that's fine. my address is ??????. Also thank you! I owe you :)

JK: No problem, be there in 20 min.

I smiled at my phone and then set it down and decided to take a nap on my couch. After 20-25 minutes later, I woke up to someone knocking on my door. I went to open it and saw Jungkook and two of his friends standing there. One of which was Dr. Kim Taehyung. Jungkook had some food in his hands and I welcomed them inside. "Hello, Jungkook. and thank you," I said. he smiled. "It's no problem really," he said and went to put the food on my table. Then Kim Taehyung came in front of me and smiled. " Hello, Y/N, Nice to see you again," he said and smiled. " Hello, Dr. Kim," I said and smiled. " I already told you Y/N, just call me Taehyung or Tae. whichever one you want," he said and we both chuckled. Then a third person came up and took out their hand. " Hello," he said with a smirk. " I'm Park Jimin, but you can call me Dr. Park or Jimin, whichever you prefer," he said and took my hand and shook it and gave me a wink. " I am Dr. L/N but just call me y/n," I said and took my hand away but smiled politely. Jungkook and Taehyung laughed a bit. "Im gonna go eat, if you want, I have my ps4 over there and you guys could play," I said and pointed to the living room. Then Jimin and Jungkook went to go set it up. Taehyung followed me to the kitchen.

"would you like some?" I asked Taehyung. " sure. Thank you." I gave him a plate with rice, noodles and steak. I served myself some and sat down in front of him. "so how long ago did you move here?" He asked. " like two months ago." I said. " is there a reason or just because?" He asked "I had a job back in (your country) but it didn't help pay my mother's hospital bills. She has been ill for quite some time and we are trying to figure out why. I left in order to help pay those bills." I said. He smiled, " that's very kind of you to do so." He said. " yeah, I didn't want them to overwork. They insisted they can handle it but they can't. I enjoy helping them. It makes me feel happy." He smiled and looked around. " kind of off-topic, but, do you live here alone?" He asked. I nodded. " yeah, I was supposed to move in with my best friend but she couldn't come and so I came alone." I said. " well you're not alone. I'll be your friend and neighbor. I live in the street right behind you so if you need anyone to talk to or just hang with, just call me and let me know." He said and took out his phone so I could put in my number. We exchanged numbers and continued to chat.

After we finished, We went to the living room and saw them still playing video games. They saw us and stopped playing, "I think it's time for us to go." Said Jungkook." Thank you for having us over," said Jimin. "Thank you all for bringing me food, I really appreciate it," I said they smiled and left except for Taehyung. "Remember if you need anything don't hesitate." He said and left. Then I went to my room and slept.

It was around 3:30 am and my pager went off. It was Mina. I woke up quickly got ready and went to the hospital. Once I got there Mina was there panicking. " what's going on Mina?" I asked " I have a Jane doe. She was a hit and run. I paged Dr. Jung and Dr.Min." I nodded and then they quickly came in as well. "She's having breathing issues, let's get her a quick CT," said Dr. Jung. "Let's also get a CT scan for her head because we need to see if there is any brain damage," said Dr. Min. As I was setting up iv and getting the vitals to do a ct scan. The woman grabbed my hand. I looked at her and she slightly had her eye open and her face was unrecognizable. She pulled my hand slowly as she had no strength to do so. I went towards her and she turned my hand and began to write something. S-?A-?R-?A-?H? Then it hit me. It's Sarah. My intern. "MINA, ITS SARAH!!" I yelled. "Sarah, don't worry, you'll be just fine," I said. then her vitals began to take turn. "Sarah, don't crash on me now," I said. "Quickly, we don't have much time lets get her in the OR," I said and looked at Dr. Jung. He nodded and we went along with Dr. Min. Mina had to stay behind and wait since she could not help operate.

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