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After Taehyung said he wanted to apologize, I told him to come in and have a seat so we could talk properly. He sat in the chair across from mine in the dining room. " So, as I was saying I came here to apologize," he started saying. "I wanted to say sorry for treating you badly. I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was stress from work. However, that still isn't an excuse for treating you this way. and I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me." he said. I stayed quiet for a second to take everything in. "I understand work gets stressful, but as you said, that isn't an excuse. You could've just talked to me and told me," I said. "Yes, I understand," he said and stayed quiet. "Though what you did, did hurt me, I forgive you and hope you can be better and learn from this," I said. He nodded and put out his hand. "Friends?" he said. I nodded and shook his hand. "Friends." We sat there for about a minute or so. "well I better get out of your way and let you rest," he said. and began to walk out. That's when both of our pagers went off. It was telling us to head to the E.R. "Well, l have to go get dressed quickly-" "I'll wait for you," he said cutting me off. I nodded and quickly went to my room and got dressed in working clothes. I quickly finished and walked out ad both of us left to the E.R.

At the E.R. we saw many doctors and nurses there. I saw Janet on her laptop and walked over to her. "Hello Janet, what's going on?" I asked. "The chief paged everyone here, I'm not sure what's going on?" she said and walked to get something. I decided to put on my gear and be ready. I saw Yoongi, Hoseok, Dr. Park Jimin, Hana, Namjoon, Seokjin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all standing together. I decided to go and next to Jungkook. I stood next to him and he looked at me and smiled. "Hi Y/N, how are you?" he asked. "Good, how are you?" I asked. He said good as well and smiled. Then the chief, Park Jinyoung, came in. "Good evening everyone, I know this is strange for everyone but there has been a recent plane crash near the Seoul airport. It was coming from (your country) and when it was going to arrive, it crashed outside, there is a possibility that the pilot lost consciousness. Lucky many people weren't severely hurt but we don't know for sure. So far we have five people in critical condition. I am going to assign people to cases. Case one will be Dr. Kim Namjoon and Dr. Park Hana. Case two, Dr. Jeon Jungkook and Dr. Kim Seokjin. Case Three, Dr. Park Jimin and I. Case 4, Dr. Min Yoongi and Dr. Kim Taehyung. Case five, Dr. L/N F/N and Dr. Hoseok. There is a possibility that Dr. Min, Dr. Jung, Dr. Kim Taehyung, and Dr. L/N will go to different cases. Now They will be arriving in 10 minutes. So get you teams and save lives" he said.

After he finished, Mina and Taemin came and followed me and Hoseok out to meet the ambulances. That's when we heard the siren of the first ambulance. The ambulance stopped and was quickly opened. "43-year-old, women pregnant multiple fractures," he said. "That's case 1," The chief said. They quickly pulled her in. Then the second ambulance arrived. "15-year-old, nose fracture and is now stable," he said. "Case two". Then the third ambulance arrived. "22 Year old, unconscious and unstable, chief also the other ambulances will take 15 mins more," she said. "Alright, Case five, everyone else go help in the meantime," she said. I took my patient and we went in quickly.

"Alright Mina start an IV, Taemin tell me her status," I said. "She stable for now but is having trouble taking in oxygen," he said. "Her heart is beating okey for now but she might suffer from internal bleeding. we need a ct scan quick," Hoseok said. I nodded and was about to go get some other needed things when I noticed her hand had a familiar bracelet. I looked at it and examine her closely. I noticed her face had scratches. I looked at her bracelet again and saw it say "best" I looked at my bracelet and saw that it matched and connected. I turned her bracelet and saw my name in the back. "Y/N are you okey?" Hoseok asked. That's when Taehyung and Yoongi came in. "What's wrong Y/n" Yoongi said. "That's-That's.....My best friend." And the next thing I knew it was dark.

End of y/n pov

Taehyung's POV:

"That's-That's.....My best friend," she said. That's when she lost her balance and fell backward. "Y/N!!" I said. Yoongi caught her. "Quickly let's get her in a bed and get her examine, quickly," yoongi said. That's when I left with yoongi and we both went to help her. We checked and it seemed that she wasn't eating much and the stress got to her. Then she awoke, "I need to help her," she said and wanted to stand up. "No you can't you know the person you cant help, Hoseok and I will make sure she is okey," yoongi said. That is when the chief came over, "Dr. L/N and Dr. Kim Taehyung, you both are now on case three, quickly they will arrive soon." I nodded and I helped her up and took off her IV. "If you ever need to step off let me know, I will let you," I said. she nodded and thanked me. Before the ambulance arrived, she went to see her best friend. "How is she doing ?" she said. "She has some heart issues and we need to get her into an O.R. quick," Hoseok said. That's when she began to crash. "Alright, mina get her on her back quick, Taehyung get her out, she can't be here," yoongi said. I took her out and she had a tear stream down her face. "Case four is here." the chief said and Y/n ran to get the case.

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