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Today is Saturday and it is also Namjoon's friend, Kim Seokjin, birthday celebration. I am very nervous because the only person who I know will be there is Namjoon. I plan to go for a bit not too much, since I am very tired from work. The clock read 4:30 and Namjoon had sent me a message that it began at 5:00 pm. I decided to go shower and put on a formal long dress. I am not really the type to wear dresses but this one had pockets and it was very pretty. After I dressed up, I did my hair and makeup. I looked at the time and it read 4:50. I decided to take a cab and headed to the place. I also got him a gift which was a nice watch and gift card, since I didn't really know what he liked.

I arrived at the place and got out of the cab. It was a very nice 2 story home. I rang the doorbell and Namjoon opened it. "Hello Y/N! I am so happy you came! You look nice." he said and hugged me. Then let me in and introduced me to His friend. "Y/N, this is Kim Seokjin, He's a plastic surgeon. Seokjin this is Y/N she is a general surgeon," he said and Seokjin lead out his hand. "Hello, it's nice to meet you, I've never seen you around the hospital before, are you new to Seoul?" he asked. "Hello, nice to meet you too, I am new I moved to Seoul around 3 months ago and its been my first week at work." "She works at the same hospital as we do," Namjoon said. Seokjin smiled, and I gave him his gift. "Thank you! I will open it later." The three of us continued to talk about our day and Seokjin would ask me questions as to where I was from and stuff like that.

After an hour or so the doorbell rang again. "Hold on I will get it," Namjoon said. About 20 seconds later we heard, "Happy Birthday Hyung." "Happy birthday!!!!!" from multiple voices. Then multiple people hugged Seokjin and I decided to step back a bit. Then I saw Dr.Min and Dr.Jung walk in. Dr.Min saw me in the corner standing there and walked over with Dr. Jung. "Hello, Dr.L/n, what brings you here?" Dr.Min said. "Don't be so harsh yoongi, Namjoon probably invited her." Dr.Jung said. "Yeah, Namjoon invited me but don't worry I don't plan to stay too long Dr. Min," I said and smiled. Then I saw Jungkook walk to me, "Hey y/n, nice to see you here. you look nice, I like your dress. How are you doing?" he asked and hugged me. "Hello Jungkook, nice to see you too, and thank you, you look nice too. I've been good just very tired," I said and he nodded. "Hey, it's Y/n!" I heard someone say and it was Jimin. He hugged me, and I saw Taehyung standing next to him. "Hello Y/N.," he said and looked away. Then Seokjin said it was time to eat.

I waited until everyone else sat down to sit. I ended up sitting next to Dr.Jung. He smiled, and we all ate and talked. After I finished I saw that the clock read 8:30. I realized that should get going. I stood up and said "well, I had a nice time with all of you but I have to leave early," I said and went to bit goodbye from everyone. "Why so soon, y/n?" Seokjin said and hugged me goodbye. "I just am very tired, but happy birthday." "okey, how are you going to go home?" he asked. "Oh ill just take a cab. no worries." "wait, ill take you," Taehyung said. "Yeah ill go with him." jungkook said. "Are you sure, I don't want to bother you.." I said. They nodded and said it was no problem. I said goodbye to everyone but didn't hug anyone else. I got in the car and they drove me to my apartment, it was silent.

end of y/n pov

Min Yoongi's POV

I felt bad watching her leave. I wanted her to stay, maybe I was being too harsh. After the door shut, I felt Hoseok look at me with disappointment and he was mad at the same time. "I wonder why she left so soon, we didn't even cut the cake...." Jimin said. I felt so bad and just decided to keep quiet, we all waited until Taehyung and Jungkook came back. Then we heard the door open and close. They both came back. "We are back," jungkook said. "is she okey," Hoseok said. "I don't think so, she seemed sad, but we didn't talk about it, we dropped her off and she said thank you and got out quickly," Taehyung said. This guilt is eating me up alive.

End of Min Yoongis Pov


One week Later

Today I'm working in the inpatient center and will be performing a surgery along with Jungkook. The child has been suffering from abdominal pain and needs surgery since he is having liver and kidney issues however we need to run tests. Since mina has now returned she is back and working along aside me again along with Taemin. They both well together but do argue at times. I just finished my checkup on the child and decided to let him in observation with mina and Taemin until we understood clearly what was going on. "Okey, so please keep an eye on him, if anything strange begins to happen let me know right away. I will be back with Dr. Jeon and we will be back with the results and the pre-op."

After I went to Dr. Jeon we began to discuss some of the possibilities and the test. The tests were not clear and very foggy. "He has some sort of liver failure which is causing him to have abdominal issues and have affected the kidneys, but his scans also show something else," he said as pulled them out and sat down to discuss. "This is showing he has no liver disease but has gallstones and his appendix looks quite big," he said. "These look totally different. like if they mixed them up,.." I said. "I am not sure, they said ...." that's when my pager went off and it was mina. "It's the boy," I told Jungkook and we quickly walked since we were close by. That's when we walked in and saw that the boy was having a seizure. "Call Dr. Min, we need to figure this out right now!" he said to Taemin. I turn to Mina and said, "What happened?!" I said. Mina seemed like she couldn't reply...all she said was

" I-..I-"

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